Sunday, March 29, 2009

Saturday Brunch - Part I

Maury and I met again for our usual Saturday brunch n' shop escapades. On our way to the John Varvatos Brunch party, celebrating his redesigned Soho shop, we made a few pit stops. We checked out DSW in Union Square and had no idea they were carrying a couple of designer shoes from SP09. In the bottom two shots Maury shows off two pairs of Givenchy strappy sandals. The lace ones are on net-a-porter for $840 but at DSW they are priced at $599. DSW also is currently carrying a selection from Giuseppe Zanotti as well. Next we headed down to Soho and stopped at LF Store, which is having a wicked sale (later on we'll post what we purchased).At top, I'm sporting Jeffrey Campbell's Balmain and YSL kock off, which were designed immaculately and are priced at approx. $160 at LF Store. Please excuse the blurry pics, some store did not allow us to take pics so we were secretly taking shots with our iphones.


1 comment:

  1. I don't know who designed the third pair os shoes shown above but..... THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY SICK! BIG DROOL! You ladies are on point! :))


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