Thursday, April 30, 2009

Katie Eary - WICKED Menswear Designer!

Most of you may not have heard of 25 year old British menswear designer Katie Eary but her "eerie" designs caught my eye last month when I posted the "Iron Maiden" story feat. Daria. I read the credits on every page and her name came up a couple of times. She is the maker of those killer chain epaulettes that were featured in the story and that I am now dying for.

I decided to do a bit more research on her and all I can say is, she is sick! And Maury definitely agrees!She's a master tailor, an incredible milliner and her avante guarde accessories are brilliant! I can totally see Marilyn Manson wearing one of her get-ups. As for me, I'd kill for her gold chain epaulettes, even the full armor gold iron epaulettes featured below. Just imagine them with a regular black BF blazer, or on some shredded t-shirt! I feel a DIY project coming up..I think I'd be bold enough to even sport one of her wicked hats! God, what a great time to be a man!

Katie's work has been featured in Paris Vogue, POP, Dazed and Confused and others. For more info on her visit Hope you guys dig her stuff too!

Here's Daria wearing Katie Eary's made to order gold chain epaulettes over an Ermmano Scervino fringed jacket..sigh!

Here's Katie wearing one of her own wicked designs.
Katie eary
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  1. The shoulder chains would make a PERFECT DIY project! Lovely designs.

  2. I agree, I smell a DIY for those shoulder chains! This gets me excited, I love chic menswear

  3. ohh thank u so much for your lovely comments:)i really love your blog and fashion view, i link u to my blog right now!!kisses hande...

  4. cool pics! love jews of the last pic and Kate's jacket. Have a nice weekend!

  5. Whoa, so fierce. Loving the chains. If you DIY that, you better post the pics!
    xo, Becs

  6. check out that metal detail army

  7. What a unique style. Love this fashion show.

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