Wednesday, May 27, 2009


A couple weeks ago I went to see "In the Heights" a Broadway Musical depicting the lives of a vibrant knit community at the top of the island of Manhattan known as "Washington Heights." Washington Heights its where Gisela and I grew up at and still live at. Well, Gisela recently just moved to Jersey City, NJ but her family still remains in the Heights. The name of our blog derived for our love for our neighborhood and our innate love and passion for fashion, all combined "Heights of Fashion" was born.  IMG_0274 

Let me briefly state that I am not a bonafide theater critic but what I experienced while watching this Musical was breathtaking, and overall an enjoyable lifetime experience. Not only because I identified with a lot of the characters, but because it just took me back to my roots and my beloved neighborhood, and the dreams that our parents instill in us as kids. According to the "In the Heights" website this musical It's a place where the coffee from the corner bodega is light and sweet, the windows are always open, and the breeze carries the rhythm of three generations of music. Find out what it takes to make a living, what it costs to have a dream, and what it means to be home.

My friends have been harassing me to go see this Musical for a couple years now. I finally went to see it and felt ashamed I didn't go sooner. When I arrived at the theater I was in shock of how good they replicated the stage as if was really in the heights. The music was amazing, like seriously! It was a combination of the best Caribbean Music all in one from Salsa and Merengue with a strong hip hop street vibe that brings this story of a working class neighborhood to life. It was explosive to my ears! One of the things I enjoyed the most was that the music carried you through the reflections of dreams as seen by latinos that immigrated to the US in pursuit of a better life and their children who struggle with how to make that dream their reality. Throughout the two hours that I remained seated, I just wanted to stand up and jump on stage and sing and dance to the rhythm of the music. It was so energetic!

I was a very proud Latina watching this musical and was really amazed by the way we Latinos in the heights were portrayed. I know it touched many hearts even those people that were not Latinos. There were characters like Abuela, Benny and Sonny that at one point in our lives we have met and identified with. For anyone that is not familiar with the Latino experience as portrayed in this musical, it gives a great glimpse into the strong sense of Familia that is present in many Barrios. There is so much to say about this show, I do not want to delve any deeper for fear of saying too much and spoiling what promises to be a carnival of music and visual imagery that only a play set in Latino NYC can bring you.

"In The Heights" was overall an authentic story about Latinos that did not have to weave tales of drugs and gang life into the narrative in order to make for an interesting "peek" into nuestras vidas.I am happy to have discovered this show and the experience makes me feel as if there will be many more of our stories told on Broadway in the near future! I truly recommend all of you to go see if if you live in NYC or come to visit! I am so happy that it won the 2008 Tony for Best Musical! Congrats "In the Heights"!!!


I was wearing Barbara Bui Grey Silk Blazer, AA tee, Derek Lam Ram bag, Dolce Gabbana Bling Bling watch, Guess Fringe Boots, and Superfine Skinny Jeans. I actually wanted to pull off an outfit with different Hues of grey but couldn't find my grey boots. They must be in storage!



Maury with one of the dancers.


Maury with cast member Christopher Jackson as(Benny). While watching this musical I was falling in love with him! OMG, his voice is just beautiful.

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  1. How come I missed this entry??? :). Maury, you're so details oriented to noticed that I have my hair color change.
    The hair has some tinted of red because of the reflection of the blouse and magic flash :). I don't do anything with my hair. It's natural dark brown. Hope you and Gisela having a wonderful day with family friends.
    P.S: I'm looking forward to see ya next post!!


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