Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wee're Baaaack...

Hi everyone! Missed you guys lots! as Maury mentioned before, I have been under the weather but I'm getting better by the minute. I was feeling so guilty for neglecting the blog, I literally could not get up from my bed but now that I have some energy, I really wanted to post something cool for you guys while Maury works on her pictures from her recent trip to beautiful Costa Rica.  Unfortunately, I haven't been able to do any shoots lately so I figure why not post some pre-baby pics. I think you will see how badly I may have been in need of a meal or two, LOOL!  But seriously I still need to lose the last 15 pregnancy pounds..I've been saying that for months, lool. Anyway, hope you enjoy the pics and I promise soon Maury and I will have some wicked stuff up! PS: do I look different in these pics to you??

In my favorite Costume National top (which you will see alot of!), Moschino skirt, Louboutins


Valentino top,H&M jeans, Miu Miu boots


In Balenciaga top and Brave corset belt


In Costume National top, Azzedine Alaia skirt and Givenchy shoes


With my Marc Jacobs Amy Hobo and mom's old boots :-)


In Rachel Roy top, H&M skirt and Givenchy shoes (the gentleman is Peter Koval, the photographer I work with for Harper's Bazaar Espanol.)


In AA top, Sweetface skirt and YSL Tribute shoes

Ysl shoes1 

In Costume National top, Herve Leger skirt and handmade belt from Buenos Aires



  1. Wow! I'm loving the glamorous outfits. The givenchy shoes are to die for. Are there any close ups?

  2. We missed you for sure!!!!! :)
    I love all the shots, those outfits are very glamorous, and you carry them gracefully.
    Oh, I think that was on almost everyone's new year resolution also to loose a couple p's. But there are just some food we cant get away from!!! LOL
    Looking forward ro seeing more updates.

  3. Hi sweet Maury & Gisela.
    Thank you Gisela for the lovely comment!!!
    So funny you have also this Balenciaga Top/ Dress, it looks so very darn pretty on you!!!! Love the way you pair it with this corsetry belt!
    Do you also take it from time to time to the tailor?My tailor always has to fix it at the front part as there is always a tear... maybe I´m the one who has to be more careful with it when slipping in and out ;)

  4. The credit does not go to me at all, it all goes to another blogger. If you click the link 'love it' it should take you to the bloggers post and the store is

  5. OMG, Gisela and Maury you do not know how envious of your closets I am. I could spend a lifetime raiding it. I wish you were my older sisters so I could play dress up everyday, hah :) And Gisela I love that hair colour on you, very gorgeous

  6. PS: could we please trade links? thank you :)

  7. You look so chic in all of these, but the last photo has to be my favorite because A: it is soooo 80's in the best way possible, and B: it reminds me of the shots that Steven Meisel did of the Supers back in the day. Gorgeous!!

  8. I'm glad you're feelin better! These are very cool looks, my favorite has to be the one with the Balenciaga top and corset belt, amazing! O p.s. I don't do anything to my hair LOL like seriously I just wash it and I don't even do that right sometimes LOL. But yeah thanks for the lovely comment. :)

  9. You look just as FAB if not BETTER NOW!!! You had a baby be proud of your new body, it created a beautiful; healthy baby.

  10. gisela you are positively beautiful! i want to play all day in your closet! i am always impressed by people who mix high and low pieces and believe me you do it wonderfully. and it is absolutely wonderful to see a real woman rocking these great designers.
    i am forever in awe.

  11. Welcome back Gisela!!! You look like a movie star in the 1st photo. Your skin is glowing, the hair, the make-up, the whole package is FINE!!! The high waisted long pencil skirt is suits you really well. It's elongated your body and it's reminding me so much of L'wren Scott. Not to mention your Balenicaga top, and the Azzedine Alaia skirt is 2d4. I'm so glad that you're doing well. I hope you have Maury have a wonderful weekend!!!!

  12. Wow, love all your outfits so glamorous and stylish. I am so jealous, you have such a vibe in pictures!

  13. wow that first shot is a beauty! classy and youthful. Love the grey h&m circle skirt, so pretty. I def need to get myself a Herve Leger skirt, gotta love the bandage look

  14. Gisela - you look fabulous in those outfits! So glad you're feeling better :) I can't even decide which look is my favorite, because I'm loving all the shoes and clothes! Really looking forward to Maurenice's pix as well!
    By the way, I've left you girls an award on my blog. Just to let you know how much I've enjoyed reading everything here and I'm looking forward to reading much more :) I've also added your blog to my link list... can't believe I hadn't done that yet!

    GLAMROCK!! The last is great!
    Thanks so much for visit my blog!I hope see you soon for there ;)

  16. Gisela, welcome back! Glad to hear you're doing better. OK, first off, you look so gorg in all these pics! I LOVE the Costume National top.. wow! So amazing. And question about the chain gloves from Fredericks.. are they comfy to wear? The chains don't bother you, right? I'm contemplating getting them. Thanks.. :)
    xo, Becs

  17. Can I just say that I love ALL your outfits??? The Costume National top is adorable and you wear it in so many different yet amazing ways!! You truly have a fab sense of style :) Love the ruffled yellow Rachel Roy top, H&M skirt, and the black shoes... awesome!

  18. girl you are looking extra fab!!!

  19. You have a great style!!!!!! all of your outfits are amazing! I love the Marc Jacobs Amy Hobo look

  20. im so jealous that you have all these label clothes and shoes!!!!!!!!!

  21. oh wow!! This blows me away!!!
    So many great outfit look flawless...
    Thank you so much for the award guys!
    :D :D :D

  22. You have a fantastic body and wardrobe! My fav thing about these photos though is that you seem so full of life with your giant smile :)


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