Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Costa Rica Adventure


Finally,here are my pics of Costa Rica.

Layover flight in El Salvador and in our way to Juan Santamaria International Airport in San Jose, Costa Rica.


After 7 hours, we finally made it to the hotel. Our hotel was 3 hours away from San Jose. All we wanted to do was relax.


The next day we went to do our canopy, but part of the package was to go horseback riding. It was a great experience, not to mention seeing these 2 horses get their groove on in front of us. LOL


The rainforest fog. I was addicting to just snapping my camera every second and capture the beautiful views Costa Rica has to offer.


We went horseback riding before we did our Canopy Ziplining Adventure.


The repel! OMG, I was about to pee on myself doing that. 


Finally, I made it safe! Felt like a strong woman. I can do it all! Costa Rica's motto is "PURA VIDA", which means "PURE LIFE"


We did 25 different canopies. It was such a great experience. I would def. do it again.


Looking a little cross eye there, lol. 


One of the guys that zipped us and unhooked us. He was so funny.


Attempting to do ATV.


Our driver pulled a prank on me, where he had this police scare me so bad to the point that I thought I was really going to get arrested. He took the handcuffs out and totally made it seemed like I was going to stay in Costa Rica for the rest of my life. Thanks, I was PUNKED!


My sisters and my friends Sonia and Lucy posing outside one of the tourist stores.


These were just a few of the many handcrafted jewelry boxes. 


  1. What a fun adventure you had!! LOL about the horses. That totally made me laugh this morning. I love your leggings and I adore your friend's purple Macbook. Have a good day lovely!

  2. Such a fun trip! I loooove Costa Rica and its motto!
    Thanks for sharing your photos :)
    Pura Vida!

  3. thanks you so muyh for your comment girl!! love those jungly pixx!! I've nearly got the same leggings its an aa right??
    bonne nuit

  4. Terrific images... thanks so much for sharing! My only Costa Rican experience was a layover in the San Juan airport, so it's a real treat to see these images. The image of the 2 horses is hilarious btw ;-) Your sisters are equally gorgeous and it looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I wouldn't mind giving the canopy ziplining a try either... probaby terrifying but exhilarating at the same time!

  5. Costa Rica is def. on my list of destinations to visit. Looks like you had an amazing and adventurous time. Can't believe you saw those horses! HA!
    xo, Becs

  6. I need to go back :(
    And I love the purple Macbook!
    La C.

  7. hahahahaha that hores picture is claaaaassic. looks like you had a fantastic time!

  8. I love this post! It makes me want to go to the homeland of El Salvador. Central America is so gorgeous. Did you buy vestidos typicos or jewelery?

  9. wonderful wonderful images honey! ok i so need to visit Costa Rica! The prank played on you must have had you super scared! poor darling. sweethearts my leather jacket was from Littlewoods a catoluge company.
    muah x

  10. Costa Rica seems like so much fun! My friends went last year but I wasn't able to go with them and they came back with the most amazing pictures and stories

  11. Hi Maury, Hi Gisela!
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful Costa Rica photos!
    Never been before to South America!
    I´m sure you came back with many wonderful memories!
    Wishing you two a wonderful wednesday!
    Gisela- had to smille about your Balmain jeans... my hips and butt are still in war with them ;)
    I´m sure you will look fabulous!

  12. Hello girl!
    It seems you had a great time!!
    Love your leggings so much! Such a great colors!
    Those horses are so funny! hehehe
    Cool shots ;)
    kisses and hugs,

  13. soooooo tempted to bid on one of these great items!!! loub sizing is so varied, that I am worried...what great things!! and your trip looks fab!

  14. i love coasta rica, i been 7 times, and thinking about moving there, it a warm and beautiful place, i go mostly to san jose or limon, it so amazing i'am glad you had chance to go there,


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