Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gisela's Fringed Leather Jacket & Balmain Jeans

Won this leather fringed jacket on ebay a few days ago. It's a bit big on me but I plan to have it tailored, if its at all possible. I've been looking for the right leather jacket for a long time and although this is not a great fit, I loved the fringes and the silver hardware. I may also stud the jacket too for more umphf! Or should I just leave it as is??

I paired the leather with my amazing Balmain jeans, which I bought in Toronto on sale about 2 years ago, when I was skinny. LOL!and my favorite black suede stiletto pumps by Chloe.(Please excuse the face, wasn't done with my make-up and wasn't ready for the cam to go off.)

They were being sold on net-a-porter a while back. I found this pic on my dear Martina's The Little Fashion Treasury blog. The jeans almost fit, which is a great news to me. Once I can squeeze into them better, I will show you guys details, I'm sooo not ready for a close-up.

Took these pics with my cam.

And lastly, I've been after this silver ring for a couple of months now. In the Heights the street vendor I go to had it for $35 and she was  not willing to sell it for less. Yesterday I decided to visit this amazing ring store right around the corner from the vendor and alas, they had the same ring and cheaper! Got it for $28. I'm such a haggler!
Leather fringed jacket on
Tank top: Zara
Jeans: Balmain
Shoes: Chloe
Necklace: Kenneth Jay Lane
Silver ring: bought in Washington Heights, NYC


  1. I love the outfit! And the jacket is superb, if you're looking into studding it maybe do the collar :) The Balmain jeans are awesome, I saw similar looking jeans on Free People. And PS: you look gorgeous without makeup

  2. I've always been a fan of those Balmain jeans - they great on you as well as the jacket. Thank you for congratulating me on my graduation, I'm so excited to have closed that chapter and hopefully do some big things in the future

  3. That jacket is so cool, leave it as it is it's fine imo. :) And great jeans!

  4. Ok, you have THE Balmain jeans. I am so jealous. And that jacket is such a find! I think you can definitely get it tailored, although it might cost you a pretty penny.
    I'm glad you like the picture of Karen Elson. It was shot by Terry Richardson (of course!)

  5. the jeans are super cool! and about adding studs to the jacket, i would but just a few on the shoulders or the neck line. it'd give a bit more contemporary look to the jacket. about tailoring it, you'd have to find someone reaaaally good at it, maybe someone who makes leather jackets?

  6. I love your style. Those jeans are sickkkk!

  7. I love that fringe jacket, the jeans and that ring!!! I don't think you really need to stud the jacket since the fringe is an amazing statement, but if you do I'm going to hate you even more, because I'll want to the jacket even more!! :)

  8. the jeans are killer. amazing! love how you are constantly experimenting with style and are so confident to do so . truly inspirational!
    visit my blog at

  9. Oh what a lovely surprise to read my name in your post ;)
    I remember you emailed me about these Balmain jeans!!
    Woow. I love especially the gray color! YOU LOOK AWESOME IN THEM!!!!
    Happy sunny weeekend!!
    Beautiful Blessings to you...

  10. Love the jacket, would love too see how it looks all zippered up.
    And let me tell you, those jeans are divine and besides looking awesome, they appear comfortable.
    That jacket is definitely worthy tailoring, and maybe have something done with the remaining fabric, hmmm a bracelet or choker? lol
    p.s. cool ring

  11. Gorgeous, darling! I am in lust with those jeans!

  12. Wow, Balmain jeans! And the jacket is such a statement piece.. love it!

  13. Your Balmain jeans are really fab!
    wow, i am also liking all those lovely shoes on the background!

  14. You have the most incredible clothes...
    I want to live in your fantasy world!!!

  15. those pants are fab. cute jacket too!

  16. I absolutely adore those jeans!
    La C.

  17. wow! what a fabulous outfit! i like your shoe rack too by the way :)

  18. those jeans are UNBELIEVABLE!! Gorgeous :-)

  19. I love the jacket & I don't think it needs any alterations or studs.

  20. Great jeans! I've actually found that Balmain is pretty easy to find on sale these days (maybe they're not getting rid of enough stock with regular pricing). I would leave the jacket as is. I think the fringing adds enough detail and additional studding might be a bit too much. Have a great weekend!

  21. Wow, I love the Balmain jeans and the ring is rocking! The leather jacket is amazing to, don´t stud it! :)

  22. love that ring - I gotta get out to Wash Heights!
    Also, that's the ultimate leather jacket - very bad ass!

  23. Hmm I'm not a huge fan of the fringed leather, but those jeans are kick-ass!

  24. OMGG that must be one of the coolest fringe jackets I've seen! (way cooler than mine hah) I love that it has fringes underneath the arm too.
    I think you should leave it as it is! Definitely. I'm a liiittle bit sick of everything being studded, you know? Eventhough I do like studded things but.. yeah.

    You always looks so sexy! Love your blog girls!

  26. goodness those jeans are hot!!!!
    That jacket doesn't look big on you from those photos, what a lucky ebay find!!

  27. what an awesome jacket!! I like it as is but I am quite the stud-aholic hehe.

  28. What a great deal on that ring, wear it in good health :)
    And that jacket looks so bad ass on you!

  29. i think the jeans look good on you. and you look beautiful w/o makeup too!
    id skip studding the jacket in my opinion.
    also on a side note im jealous of how your shoes lie flat on the white grid. i have that too but my heels would fall through the slats and it bothered me.

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  31. I love your style. Those jeans are so nice.

  32. I saw your dress contain wearing the Leather jacket. your seeing so cute and I love that dress style very much.

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