Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gisela's Fun Filled Weekend!

God bless my sister! She eagerly offered to babysit my son for the weekend while my hubby and I spend some well-needed quality time. He travels often and he just got back from Cali this past weekend so we decided to have sort of like a 2nd honeymoon, in Jersey where we live, lol.

Here I am with my son on Thursday! His name is Jacob and I'm so happy to finally share a pic of him with you. (Daddy's in the background.)
Jacob wears an "IPOOD" onesie from Joyce Leslie stores, white cargo pants from Children's Place and Converse sneakers. I'm wearing tank top and skirt from F21 and shoes from Aldo. I fell in love with these lace-up faux snakeskin heels the minute I saw them, they reminded me of Proenza Schouler a few seasons back.
Gis and cob1
Here I am after I dropped off the lil' one to my sis on Friday. Wore these amazing, most comfortable "christmas red" Givenchy gladiators sandals which I bought 2 summers ago.
On Friday night I pulled out that dominatrix Dolce & Gabbana corset I just purchased. The hubby loved it! We went to Mansion, a popular Manhattan club, with friends. I haven't been out to a club in eons and I remembered why while I was! (F21 jeans and Marciano Guess minaudiere/clutch.)
Gis dolce
Saturday night Idecided to stick the corset thing since the hubby loved the Dolce one. This time I pulled out my Roberto Cavalli for H&M corset which fits like a dream! I thought I'd never get into it again after the pregnancy but voila!  We ended up going to Mansion again because our close friend was celebrating his birthday there VIP style but before that we stopped at Bungalow 8, which is not that hard to get into as everyone claims. Been there a couple of times and just dig the atmosphere.
Gis cavalli1
I'm wearing Roberto Cavalli for H&M corset, F21 jeans, gloves by Fredericks of Hollywood, rhinestone bracelets by Oscar de La Renta, MaxMara gladiator heels.

Thank goodness I didn't return these MaxMara gladiator heels! They are super comfortable! I was running around all night long in them without a hitch. Sorry about the close-up pic being so bad. Next time I wear them I'll take a better one.
Gis cavalli2
Hope you all enjoyed my lil' weekend anecdote! Can't wait for your comments!


  1. Oh...thank you so much Gisela for your uuuuber-sweet comment!
    Took me directly to your blog :)
    I have no idea where to start ... so many beautiful things to write about!!!
    Hope I´m not doing wrong... this is the first time I see your little sweetheart!!!??
    You are truly blessed with a wonderful family!!
    Love your Alfo sandals and what a great way to put your jeans in the MaxMara
    gladiator sandals!!! MON DIEU!!! TRES TRES CHIC, MADAME ;)
    Lots of hugs to youuu

  2. are those aldo sandals comfortable? because they look fabulous. i really enjoy this blog, you girls mix high end and affordable pieces and look stunning! that animal print corset is the business!

  3. Hi Gisela,
    Gosh, I'm so happy to see you in my comment page. Because we're the same page as a mom and fashionista..hehe.
    Your boy is adorable, so cute cute...!
    and you are super hot mama!!!I love the freshness of simply black/white outfit with your boy in the pic, classic!!Aldo shoes are awesome!
    And Gisela, the corsets are hot, love them on you and all those killer shoes...what can i say:TD4...TD4..
    I'm glad you have 2sd honeymoom!!hehe..
    Happy day to you!!

  4. Hello girl!
    You look really fierce, this corselet is well cutted!!!
    And about your son, so beautiful! I have plans to have a son soon :)))
    It´s so amazing that you already have a beautiful baby! Congratulations!!!!
    Kisses and hugs!

  5. Gisela you are one hot mummy! And look at little Jacob, omg too much cuteness!!
    Love LOVE the gorgeous red metallic of those Givenchy sandals, they really pop.
    Regarding the DvF booties, I might get them, not too sure yet. I wasn't too keen on the shade of green, but shopbop have just taken an extra 20% off all sale items, so they are even cheaper now! I too need to curb my spending, but they are such a steal!
    kisses, Jess from

  6. hey hun ♥ thanks for your newest super sweet comment on my blog :)
    u look AMAZING in all these photos - and omg the shoeeees, where do i start :P
    every picture had a new absolutely stunning pair of shoes for me to gawp at!
    im SO envious right now! lol x
    & your little one is adorable :)
    ♥ Hannah

  7. thanks so much for your comment! the leather/mesh combo wouldd be great
    the corsets are really pretty! glad they were liked :)

  8. your sister is sweet. you look absolutely fabulous. i adore the first pair of Aldo shoes.

  9. Wow, you look so hot in those corsets :) Your waist looks so tiny in the 2nd one. Glad you had a great weekend!

  10. your son is adorable! you should post more pics of him. it's inspiring you were able to go back to your size after pregnancy. that is one of my "concerns" when i do get pregnant. i know, very shallow but it is still a concern! :)
    i love the cavalli h&m top. i missed out on that.

  11. Mr Ipooed is too cute!!
    i like the dolce corset and cute little clutch too.
    im so jealous you got a piece of cavalli for h&m. that corset is amazing on you.

  12. Aw your son is so adorable! (And so is his iPood shirt heh heh) And wowow you look SO hot in those corsets, especially the second one. If I ever have kids, I hope my post-baby body is as hot as yours is! Sounds like your 2nd honeymoon was fun :D

  13. OMG, that Roberto Cavalli for H&M corset is pure sex. I love it! It's a wonder your husband managed to keep his hands off of you! And the shoes, don't even get me started on the shoes...they must be God's most perfect creation. And speaking of which, your son ain't bad either ;)

  14. Wow those are some amazing pieces! Those givenchys - wow!

  15. Hey girl! Just wanted to let you know you inspired me to get my first leather jacket and it's so fierce! You are an inspiration! I love the corsets, omg, perfection. You are amazing!!!

  16. your son is beautiful! as are all your outfits, glad you had a relaxing weekend.

  17. awww your son is adorable! great outfits, too, obviously, especially the red givenchy sandals.
    thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!

  18. Thanks for visiting my blog.. your son is such a cutie pie! he's gonna be a heartbreaker someday..=) love your style those red sandals are fierce!=) browsed through your older posts and I really enjoyed your other posts..

  19. you have such an incredible fearless approach to fashion which i admire. love love love these Maxmara gladiator heels. amazing. x
    check out my blog at

  20. know I love all those outfits! You look fantastic as usual....and your precious. You have a beautiful family

  21. Your son is ADORABLE! I love those glasses you're wearing!
    I am also in love with those two look hot!

  22. SO many things to say...
    ONE. Your son is ADORABLE x a MILLION.
    TWO. Both corsets = insanely hot. jealous :)
    THREE. Those Aldo shoes are super-enviable!
    FOUR. Do I see your Nicholas Kirkwoods in the background in one of the pictures? You should break them out-- I want to see more of them!

  23. What wonderful outfits, darling! I am in looooove with that leopard bustier! You look fabulous!

  24. First off... what an adorable baby boy! Haha... the tee he's wearing is hilarious! Love those Aldo shoes!
    And I must say it again... the corset is hot! Both of them in fact. As is the MaxMara sandal... wow, love the straps.
    Oh, by the way, I just purchased another Margiela item from an outlet yesterday. It's like an unstoppable addiction. I figured you would be the person most likely to understand ;) There's a part of me that wishes the sales would just end already.

  25. Happy Anniv. to you and your hubby and I must add...Jacob is so ADORABLE.
    The Aldo shoes give the outfit an oomph and I love it. As for the have the perfect bod for it...wish I did. LOL.

  26. Happy anniversary to you darling. you look amazing in each look sweetie pie. love the corsets,the shoes ...each is phenomenal!!!

  27. Gisela, You're a hot mom sweetie. Your waist look so little in those corset. Your son is so cute. Please show us more pictures of him :).
    Hope you and your family having a beautiful day,
    Please tell Maury I say hi :)

  28. Hi Gisela,
    I have been following your blog for about a month now and i think it's great! :)
    I had no idea that you had a baby...he is so adorable!
    May i say that you look so radiant in these photos..those corsets were made for you!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  29. Damn! I would love love love to raid your closet!

  30. ooooh hes such a cutie patootie, aww hes really handsome God bless him! thanks for the sweet comment on my blog...both of you ladies style are on point, Ms shoo from shebreathes recommended ur blog and im glad she did its now a daily spot i visit! and yay for dope mamas being fashion bloggers 2 (I have 4 lil ones :)

  31. Wow! Your corsets are really great! You look especially good in the Cavalli one!

  32. thanks a lot darling, you have a very cute family, I love the black&white mix , amazing house as well, many many many thanks a muaaaa ahhh, wow adorable baby of course

  33. My oh my, your son is such a cutie pie. How adorable! It's obvious he got his good look from his mommy and daddy ;).

  34. Little Jacob is TOO cute.
    The Cavalli for H&M corset is TOO hot.
    The last time I went to Mansion I got TOO drunk LOL!
    Belated Happy Anniversary!

  35. Gisela!!
    I had no idea you have a baby!!! You are one hot mama!! :)
    You baby boy is adorable!! - does his tshirt say "ipoo"? Hilarious!!!!
    You are looking stunning in these pics - as usual!!

  36. Fantastic. I have got same MaxMara sandals but short version. haha! :-)


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