Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Thank Goodness for Goodwill!

Itchin' to spend the money I've made on ebay..I'm fighting the urge big time! Mainly by staying home, lol. But...yesterday I had to go visit my family in The Heights and I decided to take a walk around the neighborhood.. ended up at Goodwill Industries where I found a couple of things..

Got this lame, silver metallic button-down.. and these perfect-fitting leather pants. I thought I'd throw them on together along with my Miu Miu over-the-knee boots to see what happens.. I think it works!
Gis lame1
This time with a top knot :-)
Gis lame2
Metallics showed up on the Gucci FW09 runway..
and on Rachel Bilson..
Also scooped up these Liz Clairborne poly cropped trousers and paired them with Theory cropped tuxedo blazer, Victoria's Secret lingerie top and Manolo Blahnik for Rachel Roy gladiators.
Gis black1
Even though the trousers are poly, they look like silk and can fool anyone..
Gis black2
And you won't believe how much I spent! I told the cashier to just charge me for the $10 leather pants  because I didn't want the lame top and trousers but he was too busy talkin' up a storm he just put everything in the bag after I handed him the money..LOL! What's a girl to do..

Hope you like :-))



  1. girl your crazyy you made the metalic shirt WORK ! very very stylish. i LOVE. i'm a fellow shopper of goodwill i should show you this vintage ESCADA jacket i got there for like 10 bucks , ill try to post up the pics so u can tell me how to style it.

  2. Hi Gisela. Hi Maury.
    Ahh, I already missed one post...
    You look so TRES CHIC in your BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL outfit!
    The lace top is amazing!!
    Congratulations on your fab find!!!!
    Wishing you two girls a beautiful day!!!!

  3. Hi Gisela!
    Sooo funny... We post a comment at the same time ;)
    Here in Germany it´s early in the morning so I believe it must be around 2am in NYC...
    Time to go to beddy-byes for Gisela ;)

  4. More great purchases... how do you do it? Love the top and the leather trousers. So you paid $10 for all of this? Whoa... I wish I could find deals like this in Europe. Those are the perfect leather pants though. I think it's really difficult to find good ones. Loved the cropped tuxedo jacket and the Liz Claiborne trousers as well!
    P.S. If your hubby is overwhelmed by Armstrongs in Edinburgh, I recommend he also drop by a shop called 'Godiva' (address is 9 West Port). They have vintage, most of it is 'reworked vintage', i.e. designers redesigned vintage pieces into more unique and modern outfits. I'll blog about this next week, but thought I'd already let you know, 'cos I have no idea how long your hubby will be over there.

  5. wow you are so great at styling. i love love love how you have put these pieces together! you made metallic work in a genius way. tucked into the leather is definitely a look i now want to try. also the lace and cropped tuxedo jacket is so classy. thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Woooow the Theory cropped Blazer mixed with your "Alcôve-esque" Victoria 's Secret top truly reminds me on a "Yves Saint Laurent-esque Femme Fatale's contemporary Revival", full of haughty/sulfurous nonchalance !!!! Exquisite SEXYness, "à fleur de peau".
    à Bientôt, Antoine

  7. The satiny meanswear look is amazing!!
    You definitely pull it off really well...

  8. Hi Gisela -
    How are you love??
    You look amazing on both outfits. I can't believe you got those great pieces at GoodWill.
    You truly got real style and that's what I call ( It's not what you wear but how you wear it )
    You look beautiful love!!
    I hope you and your beautiful friend Maury having a fabulous day,

  9. That's shoplifting! LOL. The lingerie top is lovely.

  10. These pieces are great and i can't believe how much you paid for them! I think next time i am that side of the world, you and I need to go shopping together :)
    That metallic and leather pants is Perfection!I absolutely love it! Your second outfit is very chic...beautiful Theory cropped brazer paired with the most gorgeous lingerie top!
    Wishing you a wonderful day and enjoy the rest of the week!

  11. Amazing finds! My boy lives in the Heights I should go and check out the Goodwill over there! Nice!

  12. What's a girl to do? WHAT'S A GIRL TO DO!
    How about, you tell him that he didn't charge you and pay for it OR GIVE IT BACK!
    It's called integrity which is being able to do the right thing when no one is looking and in this case it was the cashier.
    The low cost of those two items is really not worth the bad karma you will get from doing this.
    But anyway I do like the items.

  13. Okay I'm done, I'm goin to the heights this week or next...I can't anymore, ya hear! Girl you be killin me softly with the bargains you find...I live for BARGAINS!!!!

  14. those OTK boots are so cute. stylish outfits.

  15. I need trousers like those. I love yours!

  16. i LOVE your last outfit! its everything that tickles my fancy! lace.. black.. cropped pants.. heels omgomg lvlv x

  17. hi gisela!
    what a great find!
    wish i could spot a silver metallic shirt
    and leather pants too in goodwill.
    i love every pieces and you absolutely pull them off well.
    have a good night!

  18. ahh I love that lame shirt. and the second outfit is so chic! wish I could find similar pants.

  19. Love the second look!
    x, fashion-nerdic.

  20. I'm loving your mirrored tables. Where did you get them?

  21. I was going to wear one of my tried and tested outfits, but wore the leggings I got in London for a change. The club was so busy that I don't think anyone saw anyone else below the waist anyway! And at least I knew to avoid every guy with the free sunglasses on their head!


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