Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What Maury Wore Today

NYC weather this week has been very humid and on days like this you just feel like being naked and wear as little as possible. Well, I wanted to wear one of my new purchases.  I purchased this dress at  El Mundo (translates to "THE WORLD") which is like a discounted department store in Washington Heights and in the Bronx that carries closeout merchandise from stores like Bloomingdales, Loehmanns, Macys and even Barneys. They have a chain of them and my mom has been addicted to this store for quite sometime, I of course followed her lead. Gisela and I have been avid shoppers at El Mundo for years but we had a lot of months without visiting. Well, let me tell you I found some pretty cool stuff this past weekend which I will post as I wear them out. Today I wore the See by Chloe dress I bought for 12 bucks...yes $12. Talk about a little deal! So I was really happy to find this dress which is made in a very pretty printed floral silk that reminds me of Dries Van Noten last Spring Collection with the amazing floral prints. This is just one of the purchases I made at EL MUNDO. I will post the things I bought as I wear them. From an Amazing Halston Jumpsuit a la  Bianca Jagger in Studio 64 time, to a timeless draped Grecian black dress Isabel Toledo designed for Anne Klein, to a beautiful White tutu from Oscar de la Renta which Gisela is going to help me style...and many many more!

Wearing See by Chloe Dress, VIntage Studded Belt I bought in Italy, and Ash Gladiator Sandals.
love my new gladiator leather sandals I got at Century 21 with the gold
platted studs. They are designed by ASH and are called Mystic Ankle
Wrap Sandals. These were the last in the store so I was excited to find
them in my size! If you like them sells them for $335.
got these CASADEI Earth Sasso boots at El Mundo too for a mere $65!!!!
Retail price was $990 so I was extremely elated to get them for so
cheap! They rise pass the knees and are so comfortable. I love the
chain detail in the back. I will be wearing these to death this winter.
They have a slight equestrian feel to it but with an edge and that is
what I love about them. I love it when designers juxtapose different
elements and make it their own! Great job Casadei! You can also fold
them down so they have multiple ways to style them.
IMG_4495 IMG_4496
Last but not least, I found these Givenchy boots at Loehmanns like 2
months ago and haven't had a chance to wear them yet. They actually
remind me of the new Giuseppe Zanotti Buckle boots he designed for
Balmain for Fall 09.
Picture 1
However, mine don't have as many buckles, but I still love them and I am enamored with the taupe color! I have so many purchases that I still haven't posted because my time is so limited, but soon I am going to welcome you into my closet and show you some exciting new things! Thanks so much for bearing with me and being patient! Also, many thanks for giving Gisela and I so much love and attention. By the way, the apt renovations are looking great and I just bought the wooden floors for the room that I will convert into a walk in closet. So excited :)



  1. I LOVE the metalic EL MUNDO boots amazing <3

  2. wow that store sounds great. and u are rockin that chloes dress. amazing find!

  3. Wooow your Gladiator leather sandals are literally Astonishing, AND I really like the way your RED polished toes subtly instil a sulfurous "Fetish twist of Timeless GLAM" on their conquering vibrancy . . .
    ps: The mesmerizing fall of your dark mane combined with your silky skin complexion compose such a sensual cocktail, Truly exquisite !!!
    à Bientôt, Antoine

  4. everything looks great - from the dress to the sandals and boots - everything looks great, you styled them well


  6. what a beautiful finds!
    esp that see by chloe's dress for 12 bucks!
    i love those mystic sandals!

  7. Hi there Maury !Great pieces! Love that Chloe dress especially!

  8. Hi Maury,
    This Chloe dress is amazing...and for $12 is even better!
    Your Ash gladiator sandals are gorgeous! These are really some amazing finds!

  9. I love the Casadei boots! $65 bucks, wow! I need to go shopping with you ladies..

  10. I want a pair of those ankle boots. I'd kill to have one!

  11. I love the splash of colors on that dress! And it's only for $12? WOW, what a steal!! I really should move to NY. =)
    (PS - Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I just started out and I'm so happy to meet (virtually =) a lot of nice and fashionable ladies!!)

  12. Wow. Can I just say that is one of the many reasons I wouldn't mind moving to NYC? You just don't get those kinds of deals on that caliber of merchandise anywhere else in the US. I cant wait to see the rest!

  13. Hi Maury,
    thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog!
    Wow - this cute SbC dress is truly a magnificent bargain! A very cheerful (and sexy) little thing :-D It suits you very beautiful! Your gladiator sandals are ROCKIN'!! Fabulous!
    Yes to the Givenchy's - before I have read your description my first thought was - hey, another pair of Balmain booties?... It happens that Giuseppe Zanotti is doing similar styles for his own collection as well. I love them, they're pretty cool!
    To answer your question about the Zara studded heels: Yep, they're VERY comfortable and (in the special case of this pair) the heel is very balanced. Great fun shoes :)
    Wishing you a wonderful and sunny weekend, dear!
    xoxo, Sofie

  14. Happy sunny friday to you, Maury!
    (thanks for your sweet comment!!!! .. muah ;)
    Woow, amazing $12 for this gorgeous Chloe dress. Congratulations on your fab find.
    So perfect for the hot and humid weather right now!! Love also the vintage touch of your gladiator sandals!!!!!
    Like Gisela (helloo Gisela) ... you seem to be ready for fall ;)
    The booties are truly so Balmain! LOVE THEM ;)
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend with lots of joyful and hopefully not to much "heat at all" moments!

  15. Hey Maury,
    The lip colors that Kim Kardashian was wearing are:
    Nars Lipstick, color is called Schiap
    & a Nars Lip Lacquar (over it) called Hot Wired Fuchsia
    ...I think you should definently try it especially while summer is still around - there's nothing hotter than fresh skin with a bright burst of color on the lips! Let me know how it goes :)

  16. Gorgeous dress and boots, darling!
    What amazing El Mundo finds!

  17. Hi Maury,
    How are you love? Thank you for the sweet compliments on my site.
    Your Ash Gladiator Sandals is perfect for the S B Chole dress.
    Your hair is getting long? or it is just me? It's beautiful :)
    Happy Friday to you and Gisela love,

  18. Hi Maury, Thanks for your comment on my blog, your so lucky to see Rad LIVE Ah!! I would have loved that but I am in the UK ;-( You blog is seriously fabulous, all your great bargin finds and those Givenchy boots are AMAZING!! I will add you to my links list if you'd like to swap links that would be ace x Pearl

  19. Wow, those bronze knee-highs are amazing! Love the chain detailing. You rock them well! Jealous.

  20. I can't wait for winter, wearing boots is top fun!

  21. hi maury! first of all, thank you for the very touching comment you left on my blog. that was so sweet of you :).
    and i cant believe how i havent know about el mundo before. im definitely dragging my husband there soon!!! i visited c21 today and i got great deals too! i'll post about it in the next few days.
    the chloe dress is great and looks beautiful on you!

  22. thanks for stopping by my blog. come visit anytime. :)
    ok, 411 for you:
    my harness booties are sams version 2. how do version 1 fit? mine run kinda wide, but ok in length, and no half sizes. but super cute.
    next, the bk hair thing has been around the 'nana for years. it used to be done with stuff black marketed from brazil before the fda approved it.
    i don't need it, but i have seen it done on lots of people with fizzy, difficult hair and it does work. they all seem happy with it.
    check around, you can probably get a better price bc there is alot of competition, and it is not an expensive product, but time consuming to apply, hence the price.

  23. I love the colors of that See by Chloe dress!! So vivid and summery!!

  24. Hi Maury!
    love those two boots below, very unique! I miss NY weather for some weird!

  25. I am not fetishist, but I like that sexy boots.

  26. That dress is definitly FAKE. you CANNOT possibly buy a See by chloé dress for 12$. I have the same one and bought it a couple of weeks ago for still 180$ on The print is a little different too and it doesn't shine like that when i make a photo.


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