Monday, November 16, 2009

Hot Chocolate Anyone??

This weekend I received a charming invitation by Mirella Alfonso, the Founder and Creative Director of PR Co. Blablabla to come and experience her client's "Hot Chocolate Pedicure" at Maria Bonita's Salon & Spa! I jumped at the opportunity to indulge in such a lovely treat right away and boy was I blown away!

The ladies were super lovely upon our entry to the salon, which is smartly located at the uber cool intersection of Prince & Mott. They received us warmly and with open arms. Norma took great care of my much-in-need-of-pampering tired feet. Initially I couldn't decide on what color, as usual, color-choosing has always been an arduous task for me.. am I the only one? Anyway, she saw my distress and was gracious enough to offer mixing both the colors I had in my hands. Never thought of that!

Here I am super excited! Couldn't wait to take off my over-the-knee Miu Mius.


Immediately after we sat down, we were given a scrumptuous cup of hot cocoa with lots of whip and clever red & white M&M's on the side that read "Maria Bonita Salon." YUMM!!


Maury was not able to make it last minute so I called up my dear friend Cecila who was there in moments. I mean, what's a great experience if you don't have someone special to share it with?!


While we sipped on our hot cocoa and indulged in girl chatter, our feet were treated to the highlight of our pedi: a wonderful, odiferous chocolate paraffin treatment!



The Maria Bonita Salon & Spa has a fun and charismatic decor too!Their walls are plastered with models' comp cards, which I take it to mean that all these leggy, runway walkers trust their beat up feet to the women here. Good sign!

Here we are at the end of our pedi, the smile on our faces say it all!


Afterwards, I headed home, put my rejuvenated feet up and began to take pics or the enchanting view outside my place. Perfect ending to a perfect day.

Hope you all enjoyed this lil' adventure and to all my NYC readers, go get this magical Hot Chocolate pedicure before the winter's over! You will not regret!






  1. Wow talk about luxe! That pedicure looks.. delicious? lol

  2. hot chocolate pedi? this is luxe! deluxe!

  3. The pedicure sounds amazing.
    You have an amazing view. New York looks so beautiful. Makes me miss it so much!
    Great Post!

  4. Chocolate for the feet! I bet Queen Cleopatra was not pampered that much and she'd be envious of you. :D

  5. A. Holy shit that's your view?! I thought I had a decent looks positively quaint compared to this.
    B. The only thing better than chocolate and pedicures might be chocolate pedicures. Tell these people they need to work on global expansion. I think we've found the solution for world peace. How can people be pissed when they're sipping chocolate while getting their feet dunked in chocolate...?

  6. this looks like soo much fun!!
    i restarted by blog, come visit if you have a chance :)

  7. ¿Hablas español? Thanks for the comment in my blog, muchas gracias de corazón. The view it is amazing... Do you live in NY? I love NY I have been there twice and now I am preparing the third. Kiss. Stella

  8. HELLO Gisela!
    So much that we don't exchange messages, But I am glad to see you so fine and having a great time!!
    I love to spend the day like this :)
    Great posts below!
    LOve fake fur and animal print, as you must know!
    all my kisses,

  9. I love your Miu Miu boots and fur jacket! Those pics of New York makes me love NYC soooo much! I never want to leave. I always hear people blasting "Empire State of Mind." It makes me smile :)

  10. Whst a unique experienece! I know whst you mean about having a much needed pedicure - my mom treated me to a mani and pedi for my wedding day last week and while I was there I realized that was my first time in 3 years - I felt so bad for the poor nail tech lol

  11. would love a hotchoc right now! it looks like an amazing time and place!! x


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