Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Maury and I just started having what we call our girl's day out once a week. It takes place on a weekend, usually Saturdays . It's the best thing ever! We get to spend time and do girly stuff and just bug out however we want! It's a well needed activity, considering I spend approx 24 hours a day smelling poop and having spit, food and vomit all over me.  LOOL! All jokes aside, I do enjoy motherhood... but if it wasn't for my "day off" with Maury I'd never get to wear my treasured wardrobe! 

We strolled down the streets of Soho this weekend. Check out Maury's amazingly hot military, Balmain-inspired, men's shirt, which she found at Goodwill Industries last weekend! If you compare the real Balmain to this shirt you can see its almost identical! The resemblance is uncanny! Undeneath shes' wearing her newly purchased Alexander Wang tee along with Silent Noise leggings and her wicked fringed Sergio Rossi heels and Botkier bag.



 I've had this strapless Jil Sander dress for about 10 years and have never worn it. I bought it at Century 21 for pennies and at that time I thought it'd be the perfect wedding dress believe it or not. I used it as a skirt here but is quite beautiful, its cut on the bias and although its a little tricky I think I did well in turning an evening gown into casual wear. I paired the dress with my Charlotte Russe faux leather biker and this super luxe cashmere nude scarf I had picked up that day from Zara. I just love that scarf!! On my feet are Sergio Rossi's Sabrina eel skin platforms in bright fuschia, Goyard bag.




IMG_9873 IMG_9888 








I laugh every time someone asks Maury if she has extentions in her hair. Maury's got a head full of lush dark hair to die for!


This is the actual Balmain shirt from Net-A-Porter. It's almost insane how exact they are!





   I was admiring Maury's new stacked set of rings on her left hand. I couldn't believe they were from H&M!


Stay tuned for more of our adventures!

Gisela & Maury  








  1. You both deserve a day together and what better way to spend it than hanging out in the City. Great photos too.
    Anyone who thinks that Maury has hair extensions must crazy or blind or both. Your hair in all natural and beautiful.

  2. I'm crazy about your outfit! You should wear this Jil Sander dress more often, it looks so stunning on you. Love the pink platforms too!
    There's nothing like a night with the girls, you simply have to have them <3

  3. OMGGGGG, both of ya looking so great!
    Gisela, you look really skinny girl! are you on some kind of liquid diet??? :-) LOVE LOVE LOVE your long skirt and the leather jacket together! super chic!
    Maury sweetpie, Thanks for the comment on my blog darling.. Your hair looks beautiful and please take off your legging and send them to me :-) You look great!!!
    Have a great day to both of my NY girls!

  4. You both look fantastic! And that scarf is A.MAZING!

  5. I don't know how I stumbled across your blog, but I'm so glad I did!! You Ladies are to chic and fly! I love the style, you two ROCK!!!

  6. The rings look great! Like I mentioned, I love your bling posts ;)

  7. Hi there Maury + Gisela!
    I love this post - beautiful girls + killer outfits + NYC as the backdrop...I LOVE IT!
    Hope you two are enjoying your week :)

  8. Thanks for checking out my blog! I love the Jil skirt/dress, and the silhouette you created with the leather jacket and scarf is one of my favorites.
    xx Persephone

  9. Yea..Gisela, I agree with Persephone 100%. I think this is the best outfit you have put together! It was a little different for you but it looked FAB!!
    Maury..when I die, can I be buried in your nude Sergio Rossi heels?
    Love you ladies mucho!


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