Sunday, May 9, 2010

What Gisela Wore..

Had a meeting with a faithful client Thursday afternoon so decided to finally pull out those yellow gold Givenchy gladiators that have been collecting dust in my closet. Paired them with Margiela ripped tee and leggings..Love the shoes but they're a lil tough on the feet.


This was my first choice initially but I honestly could not sit in those tight jeans, lol. By the way, I took alot of the pointers you guys gave me and came up with this look for those crazy ass Dolce boots, what do you think about this outfit? works?


Lately I've been a total craigslist whore, it's almost disgusting but I love it! So many great finds.. Check out this antique, silk fuschia upholstered loveseat, I picked's so dreamy!


After viewing the loveseat, I walked around 88th street and first ave and came across this super cool lil' store called "The Mystery Shop." It was like going into your grama's attic, lol..

This piece wasn't for sale but I thought it was delightfully strange..


This guy was made of paper, intricate and delicate. Price $25.


Love this bust! Remind's me of Irving Penn's food photography. Price $45.



As usual I couldn't leave without a small treasure, I picked up this hand-sized bronze Trojan statue. Best 5 bux spent that day! His hands are cut off, I think it gives him character ;-)


Happy Monday!


Gisela & Maury


  1. I am always so happy to see glimpses of your home. I wanna move in! :)

  2. I have those same Givenchy boots in Black and had to get rid of them. They were my size but are KILLER on my feet :) You wear them well.

  3. Mmh so Actually the first One silhouette strongly reminds me a "Urban GLAMazon after the bloody fight" (so fantastical) idea !!!!
    à Bientôt, Antoine

  4. Trojan man's missing arms might make a good ring holder.
    I love that navy blazer by the way. Details???

  5. I could kill a day (or five) exploring weird little shops with little bronze statues in them! I must say I'm quite jealous of your finds!

  6. Oh dear Lord the Givenchy's. I have a different pair of Givenchy's and they took special training to walk in them. Luckily I succeeded! I love your finds! I also imagine the D&G boots under a slightly sheer dress for some reason, giving tricks of the eye.


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