Friday, September 24, 2010

A NEW DECADE: My Big 3+0

Hello Guys, 

I entered my 3rd decade this past September 10th, but was so busy with Gisela doing the whole Fashion Night out and attending fashion shows and events that I decided to celebrate my bday the following week. To celebrate, we had an intimate dinner with some of my closest friends and sisters at Azucar, a Pan-Latin Fusion Restaurant in the Theatre district in NYC.  We had a great time with tons of laughs, Sangria and very tasty food.  After dinner we went to the SkyBar Rooftop in Time Square to continue the celebration.

Here I am about to blow my candle and make a wish or a couple wishes.  I hope they all come true!! I am dreamer, so I am dreaming big.  But once you hit 30 you have to wake up and start making those dreams a reality, there is no more room for "what ifs" or "wish I did", etc. I was told the 30's are all about taking more responsibility with your life, and making things happen! I am up for the journey and the crazy and exciting challenges that come by way...welcome 30


Here are my sisters Ashley, Madelyn, Lizbeth and myself looking so chic in black. We didn't even plan our outfits. My sister Madelyn is wearing her Pierre Hardly Color block booties we got at Barneys, Lizbeth is wearing Stella McCartney Lucite heels sandals, and I am wearing Azzedine Alaia Jingle Bells Python Sandals. BTW, we are about to work on the Bisono Empire! 


I finally decided to wear one of my Herve Leger dresses that I bought last year on  I absolutely love it but wanted to wear it to celebrate my big 30.  Gisela is wearing leather BCBG Motorcycle jacket and Celine long black dress. I am wearing Gisela's Zara boyfriend Jacket.


A pic of all the girls and myself before we left Azucar. I had such a great time, I couldn't had asked for a lovelier night with my girls.

Gisela, Fior, Lizbeth (lili), Ana, Madelyn, Me, Ashley( Ashes) and Lucy.


 This is Lucy, one of my best friends. She has the most amazing skin ever! Don't you guys agree? We go back to High, the years are going by so fast! Lucy and I travel a lot together and share the best laughs in the world....When we get together we are like two big goofballs, LOL. 


Here is my other best friend Fior and Gisela. Fior and I also met in High School together but we became super close in college. She just got married to the stud on the background.


We drank more than 6 pitchers of Azucar's Amazing Frozen Sangria...yum yum.


These delectable ribs were sliding right off the bones...I wish I had a plate right now.


Azucar's Arroz con pollo, I didn't get to tasted :( but my sisters told me it was good, but nothing compared to our moms cooking.


I had the Churasco with Chimichurri sauce...I loved it!


Here is my college friend Yovaira a.k.a. known as Yovi.  She is also my gym partner in the legs pic below!


To the left is Ana, my best friend since we were little 5th graders in elementary school. The memories Ana and I have shared are beyond eon years.  I am so grateful that throughout all this time we have still managed to still stay close. She recently had a gorgeous and intimate wedding in Aruba which I went to. 


Here is the whole party...thanks guys for coming out and celebrating with me!


Gisela, I don't know if I tell you often, but I love you girl! You have shown me so much in all these years and I am truly grateful for everything we have shared, all our wonderful and sad life experiences, and the crazy lol moments. Including the crazy storm we experienced that  May we have tons of more decades to share together!


 Gisela and I experiencing some LOL moments! I love it :)


My little sister Lili looking fabulous with her roaring 20's hairstyle and scandalous red lipstick. I keep telling her she needs to start her own blog...lets see if she listens after I should her out in here.


With my favorite cousin Ezequiel a.k.a. Mandy. 


 Yovi and I showing Shoe Porn and our best assets, our Legs... LOL


My beautiful sister Madelyn having a very deep and intriguing conversation with Gisela.


Yovi and I having posing a little bit more.


Lucy looking super sexy wearing her AA dress and BCBG chain sandals.


Thanks guys for visiting and I hope you enjoyed the pics. Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend. I love these Alaia sandals so much, that I am thinking about doing another posting just on them...LOL




  1. Happy birthday!! Everyone is so beautiful and saucy!! ;)

  2. Happy birthday!!! All of you ladies looked beautiful!!!

  3. Never select seems to be; they are able to deceive. Never select wealth; even that fades away.

  4. Happy belated birthday - looking gorgeous as usual - you're blessed to have those wonderful people in your life :)

  5. Happy B-day! You look look amazing!

    Wishing you many many many more!
    xoxox Yumi

  7. Happy belated B-day. This is bananas...I too am Sept. 10th and just like your fashionable partner in crime, my name is Guisselle, also from NY before moving to Paris. I love your blog girls.

  8. There's nothing like a rooftop party with your awesome friends. Hmm... those ribs are so tempting. I love your kicks, ladies.


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