Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Selby & CB2 Contest- I Made it to the TOP 50

I am not sure if you guy were following The Selby contest with CB2, but I am so happy to announce to you all that I made it to the second round.  Thanks a lot for those that voted for me. I named my entry  " The Anna dello Russo of the Heights" Below, I have included some of the pics I was contemplating submitting for the contest. I included pics of my livingroom, my office, and one of the bedrooms that I converted into a huge walk in closet. I still have to photograph my whole apt, but these give you an idea of my eclectic space. Now, I have to wait till the end of October to see if I am one of the top 15 entries. The top price would get a $10k giftcard to CB2  and a photoshoot with Todd Selby! Cross your fingers as I am looking forward to having Mr. Todd Selby meet the Anna dello Russo of the Heights...LOL. 


Above is one of my favorites pictures ever of my coffee table. I am obsessed with my elephant brass figurine and Clam Shell Vase where I use it to put my California grapevines.



I use the shell that I got from Jamaica to put my rings when I sometimes feel lazy to go to my closet to place them where they belong.  BTW, one of my teachers from HS is Mr. Dean Merceron, who is the mastermind behind the Lanvin book by Rizzoli. It's one of my favorite coffee tables of all times. Also, the printed pillow in the background is an Hermes Scarf that I used to cover the pillow.  I love that scarf!!!!


Here are some pics of one of the bedrooms that I converted into an office. I am still not done decorating the way I would love to, so I am taking my time till it's perfect. I have tons of mags and books that serve as  big inspirations. I am an avid collector of Interior mags and International Mags. Some of my favorite mags are Domino, House and Garden, House Beautiful, Elle Decor, Rue magazine, and Lonny magazine.



Before I started taking pics, I started sketching some designs for my portfolio while seeping on some Chamomile tea. 


Here are some pics of my closet from a couple of  different angles. This is only 1/4 of my closet, I am still working on making my closet better, so I will show you guys as I progress.


 Hope you enjoyed taking a sneak peak of my apt.




  1. The closet!!!!!!! !!!!!! I think even Carrie Bradshaw would be envious. Also the living room is amazing too

  2. I love this! I'm searching for new apt myself and your interiors are inspiring! I also love Lonny Magazine. My friend is their lawyer!

  3. Wow- your closet is insanity! Congrats on making the top 50!

  4. I loveeee your house! Thanks for sharing. My vote is yours ;)

  5. IM VOTING!!! but not for you...JK! So when I come to visit, can I sleep in your closet?

  6. congrats in advance! adore your closet. . .amazing!salivating=)

  7. Thanks guys, I am so anxious to know the results already!

  8. AMAZING! You have a gift! Can't wait to see more pics! & No Wire Hangers Blog is cheering for you! Claim it!

  9. This collection is fantastic! I agree, the truly great designers aren't in the spotlight with the so called fashionistas. Hay I really appreciate your BLOG. I really love your collections. That too your shoes. Even I was looking for a similar shoe and at last ended up purchasing shoes, what a nice deal. I love all things. Thanks for sharing..

  10. this collection of shoes is soo cool I want them all.


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