Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Designer Spotlight: Anndra Neen

During fashion week we attended the first ever Harper’s Bazaar Accessories designer showcase sponsored by Willow Club at the Avery Fisher Hall in Lincoln Center.  As we were looking around, the first table that blew us away was Anndra Neen. A line of jewelry designed by sisters Phoebe and Annette Stephens.  These young and very talented sisters hail from Mexico City where they also use local artisans to handcraft their pieces. 

Anndra Neen was founded just over a year ago, in April 2009. The pictures do not capture the remarkable details of these jewelry pieces. Gisela and I personally want to invest in a couple pieces because they are truly a work of art. Phoebe and Annette are inspired by antique European jewelry, Egyptian and Bedouin motifs, Japanese design elements and French Medieval Armor. The uniqueness of these pieces is that they use mixed metals to create something modern yet so expressive. 

Not only are Phoebe and Annette talented but they have such a great aura. They were so cool and fun to talk to.  I can’t wait to see them get more accounts and magazine features as their jewelry is on its way to reaching great heights!


Phoebe and Annette of Anndra Neen

IMG_8081 Gisela wanted to go home with this one!


Annette wearing one of her neckpieces...what a necklace!


I want this cuff and ring....don't you want it too?

IMG_8082 IMG_8095

Imagine walking into a room wearing that necklace, all eyes would be on u!




IMG_8088 IMG_8087 IMG_8090


I also loved Annette's Rubik's Cube tattoo. 


Dominican Model Arlenis Sosa and Me....take a sneek peek at my Crocodile Gold Lanvin's!!! I can't wait to do a posting on them.  

This week, we will be posting all the other pics we have of this event showcasing the other designers.  

Stay Tuned and have a wonderful day.  


Maury and Gisela  


  1. OMG love this!!!! Those bracelets she is modeling are amazing... You know Arlenis looks a lot like Joy Bryant!!!!

  2. Maury I LOVE your gold Lanvin's!!!!!


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