Monday, November 29, 2010

Gisela's Closet Designed by Maury

While having an MRI last week I was instructed to not move for exactly 25 minutes. Oh the horror! I don't remember ever staying absolutely still for anything. So having been left with no choice I decided to meditate and think about my closet, lol! Such a disaster I thought, its a lil cubby hole which I stuffed all my precious garments into with no breathing room. It was impossible to find a garment without getting my hair caught in the hangers. All the digging in the dark was upsetting. It was depressing. Then I thought "what would Maury do"? And a lightbulb went off! I said "hellooo gisela! look at Maury's closet and how fab it is!" Why not do the same I thought! I called up Maury the next day and it didn't take her long to rush me over to ikea and put my closet together visually. Few days later, tada!!!


For now, the long dresses have no home, so they will hang against the wall til further notice..



Below is the before picture of that wall..  although I thought the shoe display looked aesthetically was not practical for someone who lacked space..


Maury's measurements and choices were perfection! I had just enough room on that wall to fit the closet and the depth was on the money! Now I use the closet on the opposite side as storage, therefore having freed up much room in the apt! 

If anyone out there is having a closet crisis, contact Maury and she will solve all your problems, and then some! She's heaven sent I tell you.


Gisela & Maury



  1. It looks fabulous! I want to get my closet redone next year-ish.
    -ps. I spy something leopard and fabulous peaking out ;)

  2. That was MAH-valous Maury...


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