Monday, December 6, 2010

A Day at the Museum

Our dearest friend Yen came to vist NYC this week and we are stoked to see her! First on our agenda was visiting the MET Museum on 5th ave. Yen suggested we go straight to the Decorative Arts wing and so glad we did! It was like Paris all over again! Just look at the images.. 



It was a quick visit because the MET was closing but on our way out we visited the gift shop. I spotted this incredibly stylish woman wearing my obsession right now, ALL RED! She was at the interior books section  I'm not a fan of asking people to take their picture, I feel weird, probably because I don't want to be turned down, lol.

It was obvious to my sister Bianca that I couldn't get enough of that lady, she had to physically pry me away, lol.. I mean just look at her fabulousness: red leather jodhpurs, red v-neck and to top it of a red felt bowler hat! and get a load of the necklace! plus matching Met shopping bag!


Yen took this pic of me and my lil' man walking by Central Park. I'm obsessed with his Appaman 

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  1. That's a very interesting day for me. It will be a good experience in my life and I learn a lot of thing from that day. Thanks for posting.


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