Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year's Eve Shoe Dilemma!

Happy New Year Everyone!!

Ever since I had my baby I've been forced to dress from the bottom up. Meaning every outfit planned starts with making a decision on which shoes to wear. Obviously this has to do with comfort and comfort only...This New Year's I once again have to decide what the heck to wear but first I must pick a shoe.

I have 4 to choose from, all are comfy except for the Givenchy's which I can bear due to the wedge sole. Once I decide on the shoes I will build a look around it. I'm not the fussy type and I admit I'm lazy when it comes to layering so Wang's "Model off duty" look is generally my default.. but for this special occasion I'd like to get out of my comfort zone. Experimenting is a lil' scary to me, because I feel that the pressure causes me to get it WRONG but hey, I don't mind being on the worst dresses list once in a blue, at least I'm on some sort of list..lmao!

So with that being said, I'd love your opinion on which shoes you like best: 

Christian Louboutin "Spartenvol" Gladiators


Valentino Kittten Heels 

These festive Zara rhinestone gladiators?

Givenchy Gold Gladiator wedge

Btw, I'm really just showing off my pedicure I had done this morning..its my 2nd once this year! lol..

My fave nailpolish? Essie's Mink Muffs!


Gisela & Maury


  1. Mmh so personally this wide palette of stylish virtualities creates a "Fetish dilemma" between the Louboutin "Spartenvol" Gladiators AND the Givenchy Gold Gladiator wedge, BUT finally I vote FOR the Givenchy Ones, their chromatic preciosity (intrinsically made for a Year's Eve) and the way it subtly match your polished toes' tones !!!
    ps: I deeply like this "Fetish-focused silhouette" idea, OR when accesories are far to be simple details . . .
    RE-ps: "Happy (Early) New Year" Chère Gisela !!!
    à Bientôt, Antoine

  2. I'd wear the ones from Zara for a perfect NY eve dazzle!

  3. I think the Spartenvols are the most NYE-appropriate, but the Zaras are fab as well. I think every NYE ensemble should include a major overdose of sparkle, so go with whichever of those pairs is most comfortable/easiest to build an evening outfit around :) Happy New Year!!! xx

  4. toss up btw zara and CLs. The little disco balls on the CLs are so appropriate, but it may be blood on the dance floor (I think that is a MJ song by the way) if someone spills a drink on them.

  5. my vote is for the CL's!
    happy new years love

  6. I think you should wear the Christian's but ofcourse the festive Zara glads' would be perfect for the occassion as well.

  7. They are all great! BUT, since I've seen your shoe collection in flesh personally...lolz, I would say either the Zara's or the CL. Those are the two contender for the occasion. N u should glam it up because your a "SEXY" MAMA...ahaha...MISS U GIRLS!

  8. Wear the Valentino kitten heels ... they are what I call sophisticated sexy ... MEOW!

  9. Manita....I think you should wear the Louboutin's....after I tried them on the other day at your house I was in love with them and wanted to steal them from you. They are absolutely phenomenal and so comfortable. I love them and I beg you to never get rid of them unless you are going to pass them down to me...LOL. It was great going to Bergdorfs today with you!

  10. That's cool!!!!
    Attractive shoes. These are looking more beautiful within beautiful legs.


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