Saturday, January 15, 2011

In a Reed State of Mind!

 One of my resolutions for this year was to cut down with my shoes and clothes spending. Thus far, I have been a very good girl and have avoided shopping so resist the temptation.  Today, I had an excuse to go out shopping as it was my friends daughter's bday party. I went to Zara to the kids section since they have some cute faux fur vest and animal print numbers for her baby.  As I was about to pay for her gift, I saw some shoes staring at me and begging me to pick them up. It was like a battle with my mind and the you guys go through this as well? or am I just very weird?   The shoes were 60% percent off, so the shoes won the battle and they made it home with me.  I guess it was because they reminded me of those amazing Reed Krakoff Fur Sandals that  Amanda Brooks wore this past NY Fashion Week.  



IMG_2522 IMG_2627

The Reed Krakoff have 2 buckles and my Zara ones have 1 only buckle.  I can't wait to wear them and I don't feel as guilty as I didn't spend a couple hundreds of dollars on the real Reed Krakoff. 

Amanda-Brooks Reed-krakoff-shoes

Amanda Brooks shot by Garance Dore for NYFW Spring 2011. 


Maury and Gisela


  1. Rest assured you always get a good deal!
    You work hard, shop hard...

  2. LOVE these shoes! I didn't think I would, but they're great!

  3. I can't say I am a fur lover but these shoes are not the looks like a Big Foot situation like you haven't shaved since birth sorry I just don't get these shoes at all

  4. When I read your blog, there are a lots of ideas are running in my mind. I think your fashion strategies are really highest in the world. Thanks to post.


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