Friday, February 4, 2011

Kelly Wearstler: My Hero

I have written a couple times ago about my favorite interior designer: Kelly Wearstler.  When I met her a couple months ago, I was just floored and just couldn't even express myself articulately. Anyways, she started a blog called MY VIBE MY LIFE and the images below are from her first posting.  I am so glad she letting us in her whole creative process and showing us ideas of some of her projects she is working on.

What I adore about Kelly is that she is a risky designer. She never holds back when she designs and challenges herself each time to do something different. She doesn't care if people criticize her work for being over the top as her aim is not please the masses. 

Blog-1-11 xoxo,

Maury and Gisela

imagines by kwid


  1. I like this creativity. You are so dynamic. Thanks for sharing this enjoyable blog.

  2. This is what I admire of new designers. They're never afraid to try something new. As an arts lover, I prefer outlet shopping so I can find the best finds that fits my personality and style. I go out with my friends in Florida and experiment with the items we buy.

  3. Yes, they are cheaper to build than most other commercial buildings, but there is much more to developing and building than meets the eye.


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