Thursday, February 10, 2011

Waiting List: Balenciaga's Rocker Studded Boots Spring 2011

 I have been eyeing these Balenciaga Rocker Studded boots since I saw them in the Italian Vogue Magazine. I just called the Balenciaga NYC store and got on the waiting list for these babies! They should be arriving in April/May so I can't wait to try them on and perhaps get them!  The ones with the studds are going for around $4,000 and the ones without studs are going for around $1,200.  Then they have a low loafer version that are around $1,200 as well.  What do you think of them?



NY Fashion Week officially started....hope to see some of you guys around!


Maury and Gisela

images: FS, Vogue Italia, Vogue


  1. Hi ladies!
    I hope you both are doing well. Excited for NYFW???
    I will be in NY tomorrow with my hubby and looks like we will be busy with our schedules.
    I miss you both! will see you another time when I'm there for girl's trip.
    ps: the boots are 2D4!

  2. I feel that if you have the $4k to drop, the studded version are drop-dead gorgeous! Thanks for posting this, too, as I am probably a little late now in hopping on a few waiting lists of my own. I'm off to make some calls as soon as the stores open tomorrow ;) Best of luck in deciding which pair will be perfect for you! xx

  3. I absolutely love these shoes-- and have been coveting them since the moment I laid eyes on them. I think the price is worth it. Looking back in a few years, these are going to be one of those classic, defining pieces of a new generation.

  4. I already researched on these boots because they are on my list too.I love them.I think that they all have studs on the bottom and one on the picture are snake skin(maybe the reason why they are $4000.).They are also featured in new Marie Claire as well as Elle.Price is around $1275.Can not wait to see them.

  5. THE STUDS!!!!!!Get the studs!
    love ya!
    enjoy fashion week!

  6. Do i really have the sense of mourning the loss of my youth and confusing about my future?

  7. Do i really have the sense of mourning the loss of my youth and confusing about my future?

  8. Just saw this post - I love these boots too. Wonder - did you get a pair??? Hey, and if you like this style, have you seen the DI$COUNT gals? Hot new designers who've been bloggin for a while and just opened their online store. MUST check it out!


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