Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Whose this girl?

So who is this girl?  This girl happens to be our lovely and stylish friend, YEN! She is one of the coolest girls you could ever meet. You have seen here before in our blog when she comes to visit from Toronto.  We have been asking her for years to please start her blog, and she finally got a Tumblr!  We think she is absolutely stunning and has one of the warmest hearts around.  We wish she would move to NYC so she can be closer to us, but that is something that hopefully will happen in time:)  Right Yen? 

Anyways, please follow her Tumblr and check it out here:  Whosthegirl


5433271366_60abc2c660_z 5432458741_7c6cd5c44a

Maury and Gisela

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