Thursday, April 7, 2011

This is the Life!!!!!

Back from the Dominican Republic! This is exactly what I envisioned when I booked my stay at the only luxury hotel in Puerto Plata, Casa Colonial! It was heaven!

My wonderful sister-in-law, Nargis, accompanied me on the trip, and being the creative lil darling that she is, she woke up at sunrise and captured this magnificent image. She's the best! My first 3 months of pregnancy were hellish and this was-well deserved :-))....peace, quiet and a breathtaking environment!

The day before she woke up at the break of dawn (530am!) to get this picture! she's such a do-er, i love it! Amazing image! 

This shouldve been you

Haven't had a massage in over 10 years.  I always thought it was a bit frivolous but I felt the experience wouldn't have been complete without one and I was sooo right! Ocean-front view massage on a suspended station surrounded by water in the lushest environment I've seen, brilliant!


The back entrance of the hotel...


At night...sigh..

 DR w giss n jacob 092

4.5 months preggers and counting...

  Havin fun n loven the bun n da oven (11)

Poolside view..


I kept wondering what to do with my new cut in this midst of such humid weather...well Nargis came up with this easy do'! A lil curling iron action and off to dinner we go :-)

Havin fun n loven the bun n da oven (3)

I think in this pic I'm raving about the most amazing pair of louboutins I own! What makes them so chic?? they are actually comfortable! lol 


Showing off the belly bump in this thrifted, easy wrap dress, which Nargis loaned me because the clothing I had brought along didn't fit anymore!!! lol..yes, i ate tons of food, I can't help it, Dominican food is just incredibly tasty!

I had such a great stay at Casa Colonial! I couldn't handle a noisy, activity-filled resort and this was such a genius alternate. It's wonderful lil' gem..beds were dressed in luxurious Frette sheets...ahhh... alluring bossa nova music lightly playing wherever I went..oooh, and no one asking me to join them for poolside kareoke at noon!

And like my credit cards, I never leave home without my lil' guy Jacob! He had a total blast with mommy! 


As usual, I missed Maury like crazy! She's in South Beach as we speak and I can't wait to see her sizzling pics!! 

Hope you all enjoyed the post!


Gisela & Maury


  1. although you may feel not so hot on the inside, pregnancy is definitely agreeing with you on the outside. you look hot! i love that dress. hope you start posting more often.

  2. aahhh Gisela you're expecting again? Congrats to you! I am expecting as well, I will be 3 months along on Monday!

  3. Whenever you can, you can send me an email at - I would love to get together! Such an exciting time!

  4. You look absolutely AMAZING! Not to be creepy (wait--too late) but I love the way your body looks pregnant. You're literally glowing, and your lil' man is so cute!

  5. WOW!! The curly hair and wrap dress made you look so effortlessly stylish and relaxed, how pretty!! Congrats on the pregnancy, hope everything is smooth sailing from here on out.

  6. You look absolutely beautiful and these pictures make me wanna book a flight to DR right about now.

  7. You are GLOWING!!!! I was gonna stay in Casa Colonial last year but opted for Jamaica! I must hit this place this summer :

  8. Even in pregnancy you look beautiful. Your house is beautiful.

  9. Yeah, massages may not be affordable generally, but they are very much worth the "investment." Nothing can replace that feeling of freedom from physical and mental restraints and stress. They're like food for the body, one that we shouldn't pass up once opportunity presents itself.


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