Monday, May 2, 2011

I met "the Kills"

Last night I happen to go to Goodwill really quick around my neighborhood just to check out if I see any tables for a clients apartment I am decorating.  On my way out I saw these crazy tall platforms staring at me and saying "Pick up, pick me up"  lol.  I picked them up and they looked familiar, but I thought they were some cheap branded shoes because the metal heel for some reason.  Well, they were Gucci, my size 7.5 and were probably just used once or twice...and the best part of it all they were only $75 bucks.  I was like, who the heck would get rid of these?  Well I tried them on, and they were so comfortable it was insane.  I just found some crazy 6 inch platforms for $75 bucks and they will probably will be  one of my staple boots, I only need a car to drive me around as I am scared I would break my ankle.  I showed them this morning to Gisela and she was like...OMG those are "the kills"  no wonder Frida picked that name, the boots I guess can really send you to the hospital.  I will def. practice how to walk before taking these babies strolling down the streets.







Great find right? Hopefully I will wear them a lot. 



images by Jak and Jil,, Vogue, and Splash News


  1. Haha, at first I thought you meant the band The Kills. Hot shoes, though!

  2. secretly jealous... that is an amazing find. i still want those

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  4. great shoes I love the first picture I want this shoes

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