Friday, November 11, 2011

IMAN Platinum Collection Carryall

On my last job with Iman, I fell in love with one of her HSN "Global Chic" bags from the fall collection. It was so luxurious, I couldn't believe it was an HSN product! Leave it to the incredibly stylish entrepreneur and mother of 2 to come up with such a brilliant design for a carryall. I told her how much I loved it and she promised me one! Thank goodness for that because these sold out quickly.

Alas, the chocolate Vanchetta leather carryall with pony hair flap and gorgeous gold hardware bearing the IMAN logo. Pure genius! And to think, only $369!


The logo doubles as a keychain! How clever!

I love how the zipper hardware looks like african masks! I'm sure it was intentional on her part, genius!


Iman made an appearance on Chelsea Lately last week and she gifted the host the "cognac" carryall.


By the way, a few weeks ago I spent a lovely weekend with my sister in law in Long Island. She's big on garage sales and I've never been to one, since I live in Manhattan. It was so much fun going from neighborhood to neighborhood shopping on people's lawns and everything was dirt cheap. Get a load of my baroque vintage mirror purchased for $30, and I didn't even have to haggle!




  1. You find the BEST home goods! Iman looks fabulous, and that bag is very impressive.

  2. that bag is beautiful. clean and crisp. lucky you!


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