Wednesday, December 14, 2011

African Burchell Zebra Rug!

So every time I buy something I try to justify it..either by convincing myself that I need it as opposed to wanting it...other times I make a swap, i.e. I buy something I sell something on ebay. This time around my justification is Xmas! What better reason to get myself gifts, lol! 

Gift #1 After years of yearning for an authentic African Burchell Zebra rug, I finally found a seller on craigslist who gave me the deal of the century..ta-da! (P.S. this zebra was not hunted! Died of natural causes.)




Can't wait til' I find a Zebra head mount!

Perch zebra

Gift #2 Rock tees from Urban Outfitters...although I love my "Milano" tee that you guys see me wear all the time, I figured I should get a few back ups, just to vary... and I'm super happy with my choices


Gift #3 I've also been yearning for a Panasonic Lumix 20mm 1.7 aspheric lens (as you can see I yearn alot, lol,) which will make my GF1 dslr the most practical camera to travel around due to its manageable size. I couldn't wait to try the lens and I was not disappointed! check out the clarity!


Gift #4 Last but not least, I couldnt resist buying the Christian Louboutin book! For the following reasons: it's Pink! its got a leather cover! and it's got shoe's galore!


I don't really care for xmas to tell you the truth, I believe we should give everyday and help those less fortunate at all times, and I do try to do so in my own personal way... but this year is different. Since having twins I've had a slew of people help me with my 3 babies..from family members to friends, so this year I will be giving each person a lil' something to show my gratitude for being so kind to me and my total 22 people! Expensive right? well, no! Thanks to and other online stores, I managed to not break the bank! I.e. some of my loved ones will receive D.L. & Co. diffusers and candles! I'm such a fan! especially their packaging!

Screen shot 2011-12-14 at 10.05.25 AM




  1. I've always wanted a zebra rug. Strange that I like zebras for interiors and leopard to wear, but I wouldn't want it the other way around. I'm not sure about the zebra head though--it may be (literally) overkill. I sometimes get tempted by the dl & co sales, but the really cool stuff looks to be the candles, but since I don't light those I'd have to get a diffuser. Let me know if they're any good, I'm curious about their stuff!

  2. Oh I love your choices! I too want a Lumix and have been thinking about treating myself to the red version! And yes, I must stock up on those rock tees from UO! I didn't know they had them!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE that rug. I will be getting one for my new place. I am also not that hype about Christmas this year maybe cause I am far from my family. I did make sure to give people amazing gifts and to send all my customers awesome christmas cards

  4. Love the Jean- Michel Basquiat tee!


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