Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gisela's Top 20 Must Have's - For LIFE!

What does one do when one is indefinitely confined to a beautiful condo in the carribean with infant twins and an energetic toddler and nowhere to go..well if you're Gisela, you shop online! I think this retail therapy thing really works! lol!

Been secretly lusting for a Balenciaga Moto..well it's no secret really..who doesn't want a Balenciaga moto???  anywho, not one to usually buy retail, I took to the pages of ebay to scour for a bargain and as usual, it was a success! 

The black motos are hard to come by but this Pine color came close to it..hello moto!!! Pics to come soon when I get back to NYC next month.. 

Screen shot 2012-01-31 at 6.53.58 PM



Jen rockin the pine!

So next on my "must have" list was a Celine piece.. again I took to the pages of ebay and I found this gorgeous, authentic and Purseblog.com certified Celine Bi-Cabas tote!  I shall have it in 7-14 days!!

Celine%20cabasAnd this is me doing my victory dance!! CAN YOU FEEL THAT!!??


So what is on Gisela'S "must have" list you may ask?...lol! Well, since becoming a smarter shopper, meaning not buying loads of crap that I never wear, I've come up with a number of pieces that must be in my closet.."Investment pieces!" these will be forever used by moi and even my kids in the future, therfore, they are totally justyfiable items!


1.Chanel 2.55 Jumbo Caviar leather - just because
2.Goyard Shopper tote - I used it as my diaper bag for my first born lol
3.LV backpack - I carry the twins stuff in there & they can use this backpack one day for for school ;-)
4.Alexander Wang Rocco - perfect for the rocker/glam girl in me
5.Isabel Marant Beckett wedge sneakers - I'm a mom, gotta be stylish, comfy and taller 
6.Mini Chanel - on the go and don't want to carry much 
7.Pony leopard slippers - comfy and stylish and makes me feel like royalty!
8.Valentino Studded kitten heels - perfect for my glam rock style, comfy and used for any occassion
9.Louboutins Louboutins & more Louboutins..need those classic Pigalles though
10.Lots of tee's mostly Alexander Wang and Urban Outfitter 
11.Shearling - for those brick nyc nights!
12. Leather leggings..got a few but need a pair from "The Row"
13.Michael Kors gold plated watch - because I choose to not buy a rolex...lmao!
14.Fur!!! - sorry Peta
15.Silk button downs - nothing screams "sexy" than a BF shirt
16.Maxi black dress/skirt - for the boho chic in me
17.Blazers from Zara - their cuts are amazing, the quality is superb and ofcourse, affordable
18.Anything Alaia - for me its a stark white trumpet skirt, a dress from the King of cling is next
19. Celine handbag - check!
20.Balenciaga Moto - check!

And last, but not least, ofcourse, who can live without an Hermes Collier de Chien!! This I shall get retail, one day :-)))

I'd love to hear from you if I missed any classic piece that should be a "must have." Do let me know! even though I'm trying to keep this list short..lool



 images: ebay.com, farfetch.com purseblog.com


  1. I think that Jane is rocking Canard not Pine (look at zipper pulls Pine jacket doesn't have). anyway it is a great jacket!!!

  2. HEEEEEY! lovinnnng this blog!! such cool pictures! i just started mine so it would be so helpful some recomandations!! everybody is welcome to comentt!! thank you!

  3. I think that dark green color will look more unique anyway. I don't feel compelled to have designer bags, I would choose a Chanel jacket instead or their fine jewelry instead ;) I've never been into Rolexes either and Kors makes very cool watches at reasonable prices. My friends have been seeing them pop up at TJ Maxx in the $200s range, not sure if there's any gold ones, but the ceramic ones. I second Zara blazers and suits in general, they're durable and well made.


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