Saturday, January 7, 2012

Holidays 2011 in Dominican Republic

 So I never gave a reason for my abrupt departure to the Dominican Republic on Dec 28. My 3 children including myself developed a bad case of bronchitis..Imagine having to care for 1 sick toddler and 2 sick infants while being sick about chaos...Immediately I called my mom who was vacationing in her native home of Dominican Republic and she quickly demanded I book my flight..and so I did. Here we are, being taken care of great doctors and we are all feeling much better, not too mention the loads of family who are pitching in to help me with the 3 young children while I recover myself.. I'm quite grateful...

I'm mostly grateful to my loving and handsome hubby who made it all happen so quickly. He took the trip with us, since I can't travel with 2 lap infants, and he escorted us to this lovely island..he was able to spend the new year with us before heading back to NYC to work, we were overjoyed!

Big Daddy & I ;-)

After all these years he still makes me blush..


Tropical drinks at sunset..
We are here indefinitely, until my mom decides to go back..I can't go back to NYC without her, she's the help I need the most and i feel like I can't do this without her.. So far, being here I've been able to sleep more than 4 hours a day and I'm thrilled about that!

I miss my siblings, maury and all my family and friends in NY, but we'll be back soon... rested and tanned! (Gosh I hope I don't miss fashion week :-((

PS: Did I mention that 2 nights ago we experienced a 5.3 magnitude earthquake! My mom took quick aciton, we evacuated the condo in minutes..I was swift in taking my carryall which contained all our passports, my beloved gf1 lumix cam, my lil' chanel and mac! oh yes, and I grabbed my kids too.. lool.. but seriously, it was a lil scary, felt exactly like the NYC mini quake we had last year..scary!




  1. Hope you get better soon :)

  2. Halleluiah for mothers! Wishing you all a speedy recovery. Love the mani!

  3. Aww you two are a cute couple! And lucky you for having a place as nice as DR to escape too!

  4. Its such a nice blog you have! I really like it! :)
    And especially the way you presented..


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