Monday, February 13, 2012

NY FASHION WEEK - miss you!

Ahh, totally missing NY's fashion week right now :-(..sigh..but I won't fret, my peeps covered some shows for me and I can't wait to see their pics! Maury said Pamela Love's presentation was amazing, Nargis will watch Nanette Lepore on Wed and goregeous Mommy-to-be Deniz of Deniz Baran covered Costello Tagliapietra :-) Its great to have friends, especially those who love fashion like moi!

So to get rid of those "I can't attend NY fashion week blues" I left the twins wit mom, headed out to a lovely and quaint beach resort with my oldest son and my darling hubby :-) Best cure ever, lol!







  1. Well, for me, it's more beautiful to go to the beach, though I also love to go to a fashion show. By the way, what beach is that and where is it located?

  2. What a beautiful family! I can't wait to hold my son :)


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