Friday, March 30, 2012

What I Wore Today: Military

What I wore today... Nothing special but after months of trying to get zaras green parka with leather sleeves (to no avail) I remembered I had bought this H&M green parka while living in toronto years ago. It was hiding in my closet so I pulled it out and paired it with my leather jacket and tada!!


  1. i just checked, that jacket is on the website available in all sizes...

  2. lovely!

  3. i know you said you lost interest in it, but there are 2 of these on the zara website, one in the women's section and the other is coming soon on the trf section for a little less:

  4. Kate wore an elegant dress coat with a chocolate brown hat and Irish.The Duchess of Cambridge looked radiant today as she presented soldiers with in traditional green as she attended her first solo military engagement

  5. Cool Jacket.. I want to purchase it..


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