Thursday, August 23, 2012


Recently I've been in touch with the incredibly multi-talented, eyebrow-raising fashion designer and lover of all things avante guarde, creator of, Oliver Glass. With only 21 years of age Oliver has created a punk/rockabilly line with key pieces that are a must have in any rebel's closet! Not only that, he's created a monstrous website full of the wickedest high fashion images I've come across in a long time..

Take a look!

FF by Oliver Glass Design


..and here's a preview of his Oliver Glass for Men


..also wanted to share a few of my fave images from his genius site. I believe this to be a collection of  scandalous images that pay homage to all things naughty!

Warning! The content is sexually charged and unapologetically controversial, just the way I like it!!


For more on Oliver's work go to:

Hope you all enjoyed his riveting work!



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