Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Edinburgh, Again :-)

Finally have time to post again! The three babies are growing and are definiely a handful.. So much to share yet so little time..We are back in Edinburgh again, this time its the whole family and seems that we are here for quite some time.. happy and grateful for the experience..

So back to what's important, fashion! lol..Seems to me that everytime I walk into an H&M, Zara, Forever21 or Topshop, my initial feelinging is one of being overwhelmed by so much merch! Most of the time I spend in stores is deciding on things and trying on things and at this point in my life there's no time for that..So why is it that I visit River Island today and immediately I spot everything I want and then some, and at unbelievably reasonable prices..hence this incredibly made Isabel Marant knock off denim shirt came home with me today..Had to get it for $35 USD!

I also came across this sick pleather skater skirt! There are so many out there, I even own a real leather one myself but it's nowhere nearly as well structured as this beauty I found at Internacionale (

 will post more guys, maybe even daily, lool!



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