Friday, February 1, 2013

Why So Serious????

...because its freezing!
In hibernation mode last week due to the crazy teen temperatures we've been experiencing lately. Friends invited me to brunch in the Heights and wanted to wear something sparkly to feel better. Even taking these few pics was a hassle, I mean who wants to be outside in this weather?? Nonetheless,  I've reintroduced my John Varvatos sequined leggings into my wardrobe after not wearing them in forever. Sometimes you look in your closet and it's like discovering new gems! Clothes you didn't even think you had!

So I had fun playing dress up and wearing all black like always.  Last year I got these amazing Pierre Hardy boots from the Barneys warehouse sale and they are absolutely wonderful! You can wear them with or without the about 2 for the price of 1 :) And to cover these little ears of mine, had to once again bring another beanie the BF bought in the streets in Soho!  Hope you lovelies are having a splendid weekend!

Maury is wearing:  Kors by Michael Kors leather/knit jacket
Old High School tshirt
 John Varvatos for Converse Sequined tuxedo leggings
Pierre Hardy Fur boots 
$5 hat from the street in Soho
Club Monaco ombre shades
Christina Perrin Cashmere wraparound scarf
NorthFace E-tip gloves
Color Block tote bag bought in Marrakesh Morocco

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