Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dragao Fashion Week Fortaleza, Brasil

Last week, Heights of Fashion had the honor of attending the 14th Brasil Dragão Fashion Week in the Dragão do Mar de Arte e Cultura in Fortaleza.

ABIT, an organization established to champion the export and promotion of Brazilian products, remarkably organized the press tour which included all-inclusive lodging in the modern beach-front Beach Park Wellness Resort in Fortaleza and front row seating! 

HOF took in every high fashion moment, compiled highlights of our favorite looks and succinctly reviewed each.

Like Marc Jacobs, we're gonna start this thing with a closer ;-)

How incredible is this virginally delicate white crochet, laced finale dress?!! Haven't seen a beaming bride like this yet.. So naughty and nice!

 Mar del Castro
Nothing says boho-chic more than a Jane Birkin-esque white crochet dress! We've been searching for the perfect white crochet pieces and Mar del Castro had those gems secretly tucked away in Fortaleza until their unveiling this night. We literally were seconds away from ambushing the girls on the runway.

Lino Villaventura
No secret Heights of Fashion is obsessed with anything that shines bright like a diamond. These 3 looks above mesmerized us as they walked by. The beading was impeccable, the cut-out design was innovative and the sexiness was palpable. From head to toe, this is totally HOF style ;-)

Mark Greiner
This particular finale look had us gripped to our seats! The excess plumage, the well-crafted cropped top with abundant skirt combo, the undone yet well-done high pony, and daring eyewear ! Talk about a show-stopper..

Ivanildo Nunes
We marveled at the richness of the debutante-like evening gowns that paraded down the runway. We wanted to eat them up like Baked by Melissa cupcakes!

Lights went out, sounds of rain and thunder engulfed the venue while these ghostly, maximally-clad beauties strutted past us. Need we say more??

Weider Silveiro
Robot chic alert! Silveiro pushed the androgyny lines with this color-blocking collection. We enjoyed his play with fabrics and bold colors. And yes, we need the eyewear asap!

Lindebergue Fernandes
 Perforated fabric juxtaposed against asymmetrical flounces? Unconventional yet noteworthy ;-)

Jadson Raniere
A few heavy-hitting looks on this runway..Starting with the ever popular print-on print fad right down to the black on black vestige. The men's fashion ruled here though..

Heights of Fashion would like to send our deepest gratitude to our lovely host, Ms. Vivian Peres, who helped us soldier through each event with the patience of a saint. That genuine Brazilian hospitality shined through at every moment! We'd also like to thank ABIT for making all this happen. We were truly blessed to acquire this experience. Until next time!

Beijos e abraços,
Gisela & Maury
Heights of Fashion

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