Monday, April 27, 2009

Alexander McQueen Sale at GILT

Picture 74

Alexander McQueen has always been at Inspiration to Gisela and I with his avant-garde shows, cutting edge tailoring, and dramatic statement pieces. I haven't been fortunate enough to own any of his garments or accessories from any of his collection, but Gisela does. Gisela has some amazing red boots I been dying to snatch from her before I even met her. I have never seen her wear them so I have always wondered when the heck is she going to put those McQueens to use! I think once we get settled with our apartments which seems to be taking forever, we will put our closets to good use. Everything is like in storage and is so frustrating to just be living in a couple wears for months. 

I actually want to go to the store in the next couple of weeks and invest in a pair of his absolutely fabulous leggings. They are to DIE FOR!!!!! The print is just so surreal and its def. what I envision my crazy life collaged into a pair of pants. Like that is exactly how cluttered my mind feels some times. While dining at Son Cubano in the meat packing district we passed by the boutique but it was close. We took some snapshops but they were so blurry and the lighting was not good since it was like 12a.m. 

Picture 62

Picture 63

Picture 66

These are the ones I want to purchase since they are more economically priced for my budget right now

Picture 61

Which one do you prefer? I love them all!!! We are a big fan of Punk Rock!

Well, I am pretty sure you guys are in the mood to get some Alexander McQueen too like us.  Since we can't all afford the Retail prices, Gilt Groupe has come up with one of the best shopping websites! Gisela and I are addicts and as soon at 12 P.M. hits we are glued to our computers to try to snatch one of the sought after items from some of our most favorite designers. This Wednesday, McQueen will be at Gilt for the second time. The first time they had some amazing accessories for pennies but I waited till the last minute to make up my mind and decide if I really wanted to purchase these pair of boots I was drooling over and get Gisela's approval. This time, I am not going to think and take immediate action if I see something I love. Sometimes in fashion, you can't think twice. So girls, prepare yourselves, tell your boss that as soon at 12 P.M. hits you can't speak to anyone, you can't be bothered with the report she been asking you about, and you are just going to refrain from civilization for one hour so you can snatch something from GILT. I hope my browser doesn't crash like the Louboutin sale the other day...LOL. If you are not part of please click on the link below and  become a member so you can take advantage of this sale since is only by invitation only. Its going to be a good one, I hope. BTW, the images on this posting are of the Spring/Summer '09 collection. We are not sure what are going to be the items for sale at These were just images of some of our favorite items for Spring/Summer '09.

Happy Shopping!

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  1. Thanks for your sweet comment
    and your shopping advise!!!
    LOVE the rose gold skull ring ;)
    Stay Beauty!

  2. Eiffel tower legging is good to buy. I love the gold skull ring. Have a nice day!

  3. the leggings are so, well you said it, sureal! He is always bringin the drama into the fabric. I love them!
    and i love your target vest from a couple posts below, it's really cute!

  4. I'm a huge fan of McQueen and have invested in some very select (but timeless) pieces which I wear all the time. My favorites are still the skull scarves of course :) Those rings are amazing and I've actually been eyeing the Eiffel tower top that goes along with those leggings.
    I just checked Gilt to torture myself (I'm a member, but can't purchase because I don't currently live in the US). Oh, some of those dresses are adorable and I'm still lusting after the peacock one... sigh.

  5. omfg those rings.. such a fantastic post. i love that you share your finds!

  6. Wow! Great blog you guys!!
    Definitely on my blogroll...
    -Ana, heavymetalfashion


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