Monday, April 27, 2009

My New Just Cavalli Jacket

Maury and I went to the last day of the ITIERRE sample sale in Battery Park, NYC yesterday. I promised myself I would not spend tons of money since I'm trying hard to curb my t errible shopping habits but when I came across this super well-tailored, sharp-shouldered, stark white Just Cavalli jacket, I went nuts! Now I can stop trying to, unsuccessfully, insert massive shoulder pads into jackets that are not made for it. LOL! Do you guys approve??
Gis cavalli 

I also bought this super cute GFerre denim vest for just $28! Maury took this pic with her Iphone. PS: Checkout my SP08 Marni heels :-)
Gis ferre


  1. Oh my goodness! Jealous is my name right here! haha. I approve of the jacket most definately! Your attempts to curb the spending though? Slap on the hands missy! haha but I know the feeling i'm unsussfully attempting the same lol :)

  2. Love love love the first outfit Gisela . It's very MMMargiela. I just got back from Vegas. Please tell Maury that I went to Black Satin lingerie store in the Wynn and it's amazing!!!! Hope you and Mary have a wonderful day!!!
    Nini Nguyen

  3. Love love love the jacket!! It looks like it fits perfectly! And I love your black ripped jeans!!

  4. oh the jacket is gorgeous! so classic you will have it forever... so worth it
    Please click here to visit me at Vintage Tea!

  5. super chic white blazer!
    i think i'll get one too! yours is fab! <3

  6. That jacket is amazing, and I love it with the slashed jeans. Great white and black combo! You had asked me about my long silver ring (which looks like the Elizabeth and James ring), and I got it in Mexico back in March. Sorry that you can't get it here!
    xo, Becs

  7. everything about your style is just so amazing, that blazer is lovely!

  8. Love the shoulder pads and YAY to the denim vest! I love your blog I cannot believe I haven't seen it before! :)


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