Friday, April 10, 2009

Birds of Paradise Earrings

There are two big trends going on right now: big earrings and feathers.  When they are both combined you manage to get something amazing like the earrings I found at Loehmanns while shopping with Gisela a couple weeks ago. I forgot who was the designer but I can't wait to wear them out with my beau. As I don't have an ultra long neck I think they might not look as fabulous, but I have the confidence to make them work! I have never been an earrings person, but this season I am finding that I should bring out my vintage collection of amazing earrings. I have to show you guys these earrings I bought at the Englishtown fleamarket when I was like 15 years old with my mom. Our family unity affairs run the gamut of going to fleamarkets around NY and NJ and going shopping to the malls in our dads station wagon, wow I miss those memories. Anyhow, look at these earrings. Gisela says I am a lucky B**ch for founding the only pair. Sorry Gis, you can always borrow them :)

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