Friday, April 10, 2009

DIY Gucci-Style Studded Boots and Leather Studded Chain Gloves


As a designer myself, I can get very creative with my crafty hands. I love to design and make tons of things, but at the moment with my hectic life in NYC I haven't gotten a chance to really indulge in the creative world I so adore. Ok, so back to business! Many months ago I was browsing through Jak and Jil and saw the French Paris team parading down the Tullieres, when the Gucci boots that my girl Geraldine from French Vogue was wearing,caught my eyes. I know you guys all know which boots I am referring too as they have been knocked off by many brands such as Bakers and Steve Madden have created their own versions. I decided to look inside my closet and look for some boots I can use to studd. I had tons of vintage shoes and boots that were just collecting dust and were not being used, so I took the $5 boots I had bought at Goodwill and began to stud them with left over studs I had used Feb 08 for a vest I designed and made which I will post in the upcoming weeks. These boots are so comfortable that I hardly take them off, Gisela is always complaining that I need to wear my other fabulous designer boots, but these are like my everyday boots as Uggs are for some people.

 I had bought these black leather gloves at Daffys for about $20 but I wanted to add something because they were just so plain, so I went to Toho Shoji Bead Store in the fashion district and bought some gold chains to jazz up my plain gloves. I think they came out quite cute as I am obsessed with anything that dangles nowadays. I get tons of compliments on the boots as they slouch and look rock and roll. Not bad for $5 and about $15 for the studs.  

The Gucci F08 Boots that I was inspired by.


Our girls Emmanuelle Alt and Geraldine Saglio. Emmanuelle Wearing the wonderful Fringe Tina Christian Louboutin boots (we tried them on at Barneys, but oh gosh were they uncomfortable) and Geraldine wearing the Fabulous studded Gucci Boots I was inspired by.


The open toe Gucci booties 


Bakers Knockoffs are pretty cool too! We just saw them today at the store and they look very nice on.


Photos courtesy of Jak and Jil, Bakers,


  1. Wow. Amazing DIY! Great idea with putting the chains on the gloves.

  2. These studded shoes are just awesome. Though i did not see them in the Gucci Outlet of my town.

  3. I love this idea. And I also particularly like the way you compare wearing these the same way most people wear Uggs.. I wear Uggs but the difference is these are HOT and if I owned some I would happily wear them everyday!

  4. i have the knock offs from bakers for $200, not the open toe but the full boot and everyone thinks that they are gucci, so i tell'em yea there gucci

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