Saturday, April 25, 2009

Christian Siriano for PAYLESS... Really?

Maybe we're a little late with this post but what do you guys think about Christian Siriano's, a.k.a Mr. Fierce, new venture with Payless? NYMAG points out that the collection is very similar to Rodarte's shoes but do we really care? We don't! Especially when priced points are $25 to $45. No one else knocked off those killer, spiked Christian Louboutin for Rodarte FW08 skyscrapers, so we're super happy that Christian did it. He's come along way from Project Runway and has gone farther than any other winner so far. Will you be buying a pair? If so, which?
Rodarte shoes 
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  1. I personally think is cool he knocked off the Rodarte/Louboutins since no one decided to venture and get this done. But I think the colors are kinda yukky. Lets see how they look in person. But it was a good try and for the price they look pretty good.

  2. definitely buying the patent black boot and the studded and chained pumps maybe the Egyptian teal pump too!
    btw thanxs for stopping by I will email you my commentary on your blog, love it by the way!

  3. Definitely the chained pumps, and at that price, why not? :P

  4. oh wow.... I love all of them :-).... When you can't decide buy all!!!!! LOL... j/k

  5. i was telling a friend of mine about his payless collaboration. they are very "FIERCE" shoes, i want to buy one, but i really have no use for any of the pairs! hopefully there will be some other styles.


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