Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just Cavalli FW09 - What Do You Think?

While browsing on for a pic of Yen's new jacket, I stumbled upon the FW09 Just Cavalli collection. Good or bad? Not sure yet, but it certainly caught my eye.. it was like Margiela meets Balmain. Are any of you getting tired of the oversaturation of ripped jeans in the market? Maury said she is but I think there's still some kick in them.. at least for another two seasons or so.
Jc3 Jc1 Jc4 Jc2

As I mentioned in my earlier post, our dear friend Yen copped a marvelous patent leather, snakeskin Just Cavalli motorcycle jacket for pennies at the ITIERRE Sample Sale last Sunday. I so regret getting there late but like Mama says, the early bird gets the worm and boy did Yen catch a big one! I was hoping there'd be one more jacket stashed somewhere in their basement but to my dismay, there were no more. Needless to say, Yen's a lucky lil' fashionista. (Sorry about the pic, they didn't allow cams so I took it with my blackberry.)
 Yen jacket

Here are better pics of the jacket, back and front, from the actual Just Cavalli FW09 runway show.


  1. lolz...that's such a horrible picture of me...haha...but, anything for fashion! We'll get a better picture of it at some point, cause I WILL be rocking it everywhere and anywhere. then again, I have been doing just that...from the minute i bought it I took the price tag off and wore it straight to the airport back to toronto (as you know...almost missed my flight) ...and i haven't taken it off since...lolz. Just today i wore it to "do grocery shopping" in = )
    Miss you guys. Shopping was so much fun with you Gisela!

  2. hey! your blog is amazing... i scrolled through the first page, and the three of you girls have such great style and look awesome together! i'm adding you to my google reader. :) thanks for visiting my blog!
    x, dani

  3. good lord, lady! great find. i totally believe in fashion karma!
    def bid on a studded cuff if you find another one! it's verrry lightweight and not made of actual metal. the cones are solid plastic and held together on really strong elastic.
    good call passing on the oxidized cuff! happy hunting!

  4. Thanks so much to you and your supersweet comment on my blog!
    I already love yours as you have the same first name like my Mom!!
    Wow, you did so many great jobs with all your DIY items!!!!
    Will add you to my blog list!!!

  5. I like his F/W09 . It is more rocker chic and you are right about mixture of Margeila/Balmain.

  6. ohhhhh I sooooooooooo want this jacket!!! love it:0 and love your blog too :)

  7. Your friend Yen is so beautiful!!!!


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