Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gisela's Shoe Collection Preview

I'm going to start off my preview with my number one favorite shoes of all time. During NY Fashion week in 2007, I purchased these incredible SP06 Givenchy shoes at Lohmanns discount store. Why am I talking about it now? Well, shortly after fashion week I got pregnant and was not able to wear them at all, until I have pulled these babies out of my closet, dusted them off, and am practicing to wear them on May 2nd for an outing..I have a pretty healthy collection of shoes, which I will take a picture of once I move into my new apartment in the next two weeks, but for some reason, these are my number one favorites, followed by YSL Tributes, Christian Louboutin suede Zeppas, Nicholas Kirkwoods, Marni platforms

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