Monday, April 13, 2009

Latest Purchase: The Large Givenchy Melancholia Shoulder Bag

This past weekend Gisela and I took a little road trip to Woodbury Common Outlets in Woodbury NY with the family where we went with one mission in mind: to find the YSL Tribute booties that I have been obsessing for over a year. I had told myself that I wasn't going to buy anything else and just buy those boots. Yeah right...who was I kidding? I can't even fight my own self. We went to Barneys and nothing was really calling me "BUY ME,I NEED YOU, YOU NEED ME, BUY ME" Absolutely nothing, till we were at the counter paying for her husbands tee shirts. I was looking at the Givenchy sign, and saw the beautiful white python bag Hanh from Nini style owns, and I was like how adorable, but I want the big big Nightingale. Unfortunately, they were sold out of the Large Nightingale. When we were almost heading out, I told the sales lady to please let me see the last bag towards the end of the window. "It was like love at first site...My heart starting pumping and I was running out of breath." I told the sales lady if she would hold it for me because I need at least 30 minutes to really catch my breath and think about this purchase. I had to consult with Gisela as well to see if this was a smart move, of course she said YES without even seeing the bag, LOL. Talk about being thrifty shopaholics! 

I kept thinking to myself, I already have some great bags in my closet with the most respected Jimmy Choo Motorcycle Ramona that I so so love.  I thought to myself, this Givenchy Melancholia bag would look amazing with  a lot of the stuff I have and it is the ultimate luxury item, and I don't have any kind of luxe croc style bags, so let me just give this baby a try. I was a little bit skeptical, but when I held it in my hands, I thought it was a great fit for me as I am going through a transition in my life. This bag to me was like Noah and Allie's love in "The Notebook"...I was enamored and there was no way I could had left her behind for someone else to enjoy. Well, I already put my baby to good use. We went to Cipriani last night with YEN, our lost trio and had a blast. Pics to come tomorrow. Right now I will go to sleep and keep thinking about my luxe baby :) This baby is simple, classic, feels amazing, and its so I will have it for decades. I am naming this baby my Allie! 

Givenchy_new bag


  1. I think you made a great decision on this bag. I love it!!!!

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  5. My wife would love this as a present in our anniversary. Im ordering one of these.


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