Thursday, April 23, 2009

Peter Copping in, Olivier Theyskens out at Nina Ricci!

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WICKED you think our YSL Tributes are high....look at these crazy puppies...OUTRAGEOUS

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Once Upon in a land far far away lived a Belgian/French designer by the name of Olivier Theyskens. He was this young and beautiful multi-talented designer whom had an imagination like no other.We loved his design approach, which was a combination of edgy, dark, feminine, impeccable attention to detail, painterly color sense, an aura of elegance and sophistication, and goth like styles, but cut like a technical master. He had started his own line after dropping out of school and then went on to design for houses like Rochas and Nina Ricci.  I don't mean to talk about him in past tense like Theyskens is dead, but when I heard the news that one of my favorite young designers was exiting a house that he started making his mark on, it just brought tears to my eyes. It felt like one of my family members had passed away and I had to create an Eulogy.

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Some of our favorites looks

Theyskens last collection for Nina Ricci was done with such an artistic and modern approach. He DID pushed the envelope and went further than was expected of him, and because of this, my man had to be dropped? Come on now! Obviously, we don't know all the details on what was going on with The Puig Fashion Group, which owns Ricci. Apparently there were some creative differences and some bumping of heads between the business and creative ends. That is one of the biggest problems that us designers run vs. commerce.  At the end of the day, we all need money and fashion is a business, but we don't just want to design what we see, we want to push the envelope, get creative and do something new. A lot of times this doesn't work because then you are not generating a cash flow and you end up losing it all and going out of business. Although Ricci's designs weren't seen mass produced and worn like, lets Alexander Wang piece, everyone always anticipated what he would to do next! He had one of those shows that editors, buyers, fashion fanatics would always have in their top 5 as far as being fthe most orward and creative.

 Its been rumored that he might take over the House of Schiaparelli, which has always been one of my favorite houses since the early high school days when I started getting into the history of fashion.  I used to love hearing about the crazy battles of Elsa Schiaparelli and Coco Chanel...they went at it!  It has also been said that he might bring back his line or take over at Halston. I think America would love to have Theyskens but artistically he doesn't fit. He is too too STUPENDOUS for the overly saturated mass market we have in America. It would only be right for Theyskens to stay where his creativity is welcomed, where he really finds the support and where he is given his freedom to explore and get wild! 

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Some of our favorite Gowns...We love to dream, we love to fantasize!!!! 

According to WWD, it's official that Peter Copping has taken the helm at Nina Ricci.  Although most of us don't know much about Peter Copping, we do know that he has been one of the masterminds behind the Louis Vuitton collections for the past 12 years. I personally loved the last Vuitton collection and have a newfound respect for Marc Jacobs because it was well thought out and everything was just done perfectly without being too out there. Copping says that he doesn't just want to focus on the clothes but on actually building up the accessories which is the bread and butter of a brand anyways. He managed to get other designers from Vuitton to help him establish the accessories line at Nina Ricci. I will stay seated and see what Copping does with this house, right now I don't have high expectations as I deel it will be extremely difficult to reach the level of acclaim Theyskens received. 

R.I.P. Olivier Theyskens for Nina Ricci

Photos courtesy of and FashionSpot


  1. it will be interesting to see where he goes---thanks for the news...judy

  2. i wish i could have that double breasted blazer like peter and olivier's hair.
    i loved his last fews seasons at Rochas.
    I really like the trousers of the 2nd look, love the coat/dress of the 3rd look.


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