Saturday, May 16, 2009

ANTONIN TRON hits the JACKPOT and wins GOLD!


It's been a couple of months since I had "fallen in love". What a beautiful feeling it is, may I say. I know what you thinking and I am sorry to dismay you. But No, not with an actual person in my life, but with this jacket and the creator. I have been enamoured by this gold jacket above and always wondered who was the genius behind this wicked masterpiece. I have lost sleep thinking about this jacket and whenever I get sad I just look at it and it just chears me up. Its crazy what clothes do to you, LOL! This jacket is just SICK! It reminds me of the transformers as if it was a transformer and about to morph into a car or something. Gisela and I both think this designer is brilliant and multi-talented. 


This Menswear designer is Antonin Tron, he is young and studied at the legendary Antwerp Royal Academy which boast alumni such as Martin Margiela, Ann Demeulemeester, and Dries Van Noten.  One of Tron's favorite fashion designers is Elsa Schiaparelli which is also one of mine with her embellished creations. Tron has a keen ability to evoke an atmosphere using shadows, shapes and cuts, yet his pieces rarely lose their ornamental qualities. His first collection was inspired by the Dance of Death paintings depicting a man, who has enjoyed great wealth, on the night before he dies. His menswear is just gorgeous and I wished he already designed for us ladies. He has a fantastic ability to stretch tailoring to its limits, creating fluid, ornamental garments with interesting combinations of textures and layers. I hope he didn't go blind creating this chaotic gold masterpiece. We can't wait to to see what is he going to do next as we are already big fans.  I couldn't help but include every pic I found of this jacket which I am calling it "GoldRush". He has a very promising career, don't you agree?

Picture 77Picture 76


Picture 78

Here are some of our favorite looks from his collection.











Kudos to our darling Tron. Watch out Hedi Slimane!


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  1. ohhhh love love love this jacket!!! <3 <3

  2. That gold creation is definitely the sickest thing I've seen in a minute. Maybe it comes in an xs...

  3. wow!! look at all that bling bling in the first pic!!! Truely amazing amazing jacket!!!

  4. OMG! That gold jacket is really amazing!!!!
    Thanks so much for your comment dear,
    I love your blog,

  5. his jackets and coats are out of this world! great post.
    muah x

  6. Hi Maury and Gisela!!!
    The first jacket is really stunning!!! That jacket will looks great on us right??? :)
    Maury - Nothing bad will happens to your shoes. YSL boutique is having a sale right now. Everything in the store is between 30% - 50% off. Great deal right??? Unfortunately I can't buy anything right now. I have to save up for my trip back to Vietnam soon. How is my Gisela doing? I love to meet up with you and Gisela. Please let us know in advance so we can arrange dinner or something???
    Goodnight love,

  7. Oh My GOD! That coat is beyond ords, even though I'm a girl I know I need it. Thanks for posting this, I 'm in love now too!

  8. Hi Maury & Gisela!
    The very first jacket reminds me of MK Olsen´s gold studded
    Givenchy jacket and there was also a gold python jacket by Gucci from 2004.

  9. This is really old news but the jacket is still hot.


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