Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Guilty Pleasure: Herve Leger

I have been obsessed with Herve Leger since the early 90’s when I was studying fashion in High School. My fashion illustration teacher would call him the king of stripes or the genius of bands. I was obsessed with a lot of his dresses and would admire Linda, Naomi, Christy, Helena and Cindy wearing them.  Last year, Gisela and I went to the Leger boutique in Madison Avenue the the of us walked out with 2 beautiful bandage skirts. I continued to have my eyes for a couple different style s of bandage dresses and always wished to own one. Well Guilt had a sale this past Monday and I was glued to the computer trying to make some purchases for a couple big events. Gilt can be fustrating because after 3 minutes in some very greedy people already had everything in their cart and I had to keep refreshing my screen to see if they would leave them behind and I can have an opportunity to at least buy one. I managed to get 2. I bought a Cap Sleeve Teal bandage dress with deep v-shaped neckline with a contrast solid panel detail at neckline and front hidden zipper.  I also bought a sleeveless bandage dress with v-shaped neckline with a contrast solid color block detail at neckline, waistline and skirt in plum, fushia and lilac. The pictures below are of my new purchases and I just received the 2 dresses today. They have an amazing service so Gilt will continue to see my money. Thanks Alex and Alexandra.

Picture 94Picture 81Picture 85Picture 80

Picture 83

Let me briefly give you a little history on a fashion innovator. 

Mr. Leger was born in 1957 in France then moved to Paris to attend school. Mr. Leger would use elastic bandages in different colors and hand stitch them together.  He had a very distinctive look that took him very far. In the late 70’s Leger got his break when the Italian Knitwear designer Tan Guidecelli took him to work for him, where he learned to cut and construct patterns, select fabrics, and do other tasks essential for a man dreaming of being a couturier. In 1980 impressed by Leger's work, fashion legend Karl Lagerfeld took him under his wing, and sent him to Rome for further training. Leger assisted Lagerfeld at Fendi and Chanel.  He then went on and designed for the Haute Collection of Lanvin and a Pret-a-Porter collection for Princess Diane von Furstenberg.  

After working for so many other designers, Leger decided to open his own atelier in Paris where he concentrated in simple and sexy. While he still worked on his line he also helped Lagerfeld on the Chloe line he had started designing. The bandage started with Leger picking up some seam bindings and wind them around a mannequin like an Egyptian mummy. His trademark is now fabrics mixed with Lurex, Lycra, Elastene, stretch fabrics wound around the body for a tight fit. His designs are one-of-a-kind, made to a couture standard, each one designed for the body that could wear it. He says, "I like to make women look beautiful, who want to please and be noticed". Leger is fast becoming the master of high-tech sex appeal, but he is anxious to diversify after his success with the band.

In the late 90's, Herve Leger managed to create ever new and exciting collections. Nevertheless, 1999 proved to be terrible year for the designer. His company was sold off, the new owners BCBG sacked him and hired Jerome Dreyfuss to design the clothes for the house of Leger. Herve Leger went into litigation. But you can't keep a good couturier down. Herve opened a small boutique on the rue Jacob in quaint St. Germain, in the name of Herve L. Leroux (Herve the Red) a name suggested by Karl Lagerfeld, his good friend. This new line focuses again on a woman's figure and can only be described as "sexy". 

Picture 93

Picture 88

Picture 90

Picture 89

Picture 92

I can't wait to wear them out. 


  1. Maury- This is such a great article. I din't know Leger and Lagerfeld are good friends. I can't wait to see you wear your new hot purchases from Gilt.
    Wishing you and Gisela have a wonderful day, :)
    Nini Nguyen

  2. Ooohh these dresses are so sexy! Love the plum, magenta, and lavender combination. Cannot wait to see your purchases! These sell out so quickly on Gilt Groupe! Great read.

  3. hey, i see my friend Nini just visited your site. It is great post and good info.
    Have a fabulous day my darling Maury and Gisela! xoxo from Hanh,

  4. Love Herve dresses! They hug in all the right places!
    xo, Becs

  5. My gosh Gisele and Maury, you are too lucky girls! It'd lovelovelove to raid your closets hah :)

  6. Thanks for this post, very informative!!

  7. Hi Maury, Hi Gisela.
    Thanks always for your looovely comments!
    These Herve Leger bandage dresses are HEAVEN!
    Wish I would have the perfect figure to wear them ;)

  8. I love his designs, but I feel sad for the day when I'm too old and flabby to covet them haha. That teal dress is very hot lady! Love the way he does the bandaging on the back.

  9. everytime you hear the rolling thunder
    You turn around before the lightening strikes
    does it ever make you stop and wonder


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