Friday, May 8, 2009

Studio 54! Wish we were there...

Gisela and I have been obsessing over sequins for quite sometime, maybe even before sequins became a trend these past seasons. Both of us have always been inspired by our mothers who back in the Studio 54 days dolled themselves up in sequined and beaded numbers. I have been collecting sequined pieces since my early years shopping at Goodwill. Christopher Decardin went crazy for the Spring 09 collection of Balmain and so did we! We are bringing all our sequins out and going to start glitzying the streets, day or night!

We saw Daria wearing an amazing black sequin Balmain dress at the Met Gala. We thought, let's reprise the Daria look asap! I thought her piece looks very similar to mine, the only thing is that mine is longer and a little bit more conservative.Not sure if I should keep as is or cut it and make it into two pieces. The bottom part of the dress is a flounce skirt and the top has the exagerrated 80's shoulders we are all digging.I'm thinking if split up, both the top and bottom can make interesting separate, what do you think?

Daria looking effortless at the Met Costume Gala

Maury sequins1 
Maury sequins2 
Maury sequins3

Maury sporting her sequin dress with YSL Tribute boots


Gisela wearing her vintage sequin jacket as a dress with, BCBG belt, Nine West ankle boots, Zara sequin cluth (1st pic), chain leather gloves from Frederick's of Hollywood (2nd pic) and headband from AA (last pic.)


  1. Both of you guys look super-hot! I love how you can walk into any Goodwill and come out with a 'Balmain' sequin dress for less than $5 bucks. It's recession shopping at it's best.

  2. Love these two sequin pieces! I say leave it as is, but if you feel like playing with it go for it :)

  3. Thanks for stopping by! Too seeet you are. I can see why you like Nini's blog. Both blogs have the same "no fear" style that i only wish I can pull off. haha... But that's why we have blogs! =)

  4. loving those gloves. and for $17.99? i must purchase now.
    x, dani

  5. Omg HOT! Love the mini sequined dress, and those boots set the look off perfectly. Fabulous

  6. Wow you guys are rocking it OUT! Fierce! :)

  7. Thanks for the comment!
    Also - the dress looks great in both of you! Personally, I'd make it two seperate pieces so that way you can get more wear out of it but can still put them together.
    Can't believe it's goodwill!

  8. Bonjour Gisela :)
    Thanks for your lovely comment!
    These all-over-sequined pieces are simply

  9. And this "EXTRA-HELLO" is going out to the delightful Maurenice!
    Thanks for your uber-sweeeeet posts!!!

  10. i LOVEEEE all your sequins girls!! you both look TOOO fab!!
    ps. balmain = The Voguette

  11. Love Love Love your blog! My mouth just dropped open when I saw your MMM jacket. And Serious, current season for that price? This is the best steal I've ever heard of.
    I'm in love with your blog! You have great taste!
    Anyways, thanks for visiting my blog! Let's keep in touch! XOXO!

  12. Omg you suck for being able to find such awesome stuff like this for so cheap!! I like it as it is, but if you want to cut it lower then I think go for it too lol. Sex it up!

  13. Wow!! Look at all that bling!!! I like!
    And your Tribute boots are to die for!!!
    I love Marni heels too- if I had it my way, I'd wear them every day of the week!!

  14. Wow--love them both--you looks fab! judy

  15. Awesome pieces! I love sequins as well and I think you guys replicated Daria's look so well. Maury, I would keep the piece as it is. It looks pretty versatile right now, but then again, if you have a better idea what to do with it, feel free and of course post pics if you do get something else done :) Gisela, love how you turned a jacket into a dress - I wouldn't have guessed, without the caption!

  16. OMFG!!!!! your blog is sic, just fall down by total accident!! exchange links??
    where did you get this margiela coat for 200???? I cant believe it I fell down of my chair, litterally, and this spike bracelette!!! speachless speachlees
    awsome blog
    bonne nuit
    la chauve-souris

  17. OH MY GOD you girls are rocking it!! Looking so so hot :D
    You killed it! I wish I had your outfits :)

  18. love sequins... especially in really strange colors.
    and love the YSLs :)


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