Monday, May 11, 2009

Gisela's New Purchase: MaxMara SP07 Gladiators

 I saw these at Loehmanns and thought they were genius! Why? Because they are what is called a "2 in 1 shoe." It's a tall gladiator shoe and basic heel all in one! How? The top part snaps off to create a totally new style. The store had black, white and pewter in both a flat sandal and high heel style. Ofcourse I went for the high-heeled black pair. They look like those orthopedic leg braces but I still thought they were brilliant! I promise to take pics of the shoes soon but in the meantime, checkout the MaxMara SP07 runway pics which feature my new purchase. And by the way, these pics do no justice to the shoe, wait til' you see the backside!

PS: I'm thinking of getting the white ones too, in a flat sandal..What do you guys think? Is it overkill? Should I be satisfied with the one pair I got??

Below is the pair I purchased...


This is what the shoe looks like after the top part is snapped off..

And these are the white flats that I'm contemplating getting..

Here I am walking the streets right after my purchase on Saturday. Thank God I was carrying my Goyard shopper because I was able o fit the boxed MaxMara shoes in it..I love keeping my boxes and dust bags!
Gis street 
Gis street1 
Gisela wears AA v-neck tee, backwards, F21 leggings, Target combat boots, Ray Ban wayfarers and Goyard medium shopper (see the box of shoes peeking out? LOL) 


  1. A Goyard shopper?! That must have set you back a pretty penny... Can't wait to see the new shoes in action!

  2. I love the shoes! If the price is right, I'd get the white ones, too! They are fab.
    I have Prada boots that are 4 in 1. Crazy, right? I'll post pics on my blog sometime soon.

  3. I would totally get the white ones too! Sigh, I wish Loehmann's in Houston carried better designers. :P

  4. I actually like the white ones more than the black so if the price isn't bad then I say go for it! They are rather fabulous shoes.
    Btw, was wondering if you'd like to exchange links?

  5. Why do I never see cool stuff like this when I visit Loehmann's in NYC? Which one do you go to?? Anyhow, the shoes are fab. I would definitely get the white ones as well, if the pricing is good. After all, one's a heel and the other's flat, right? Can't wait to see modeling pics! :)
    By the way, to answer your question Gisela, regarding taking pix in-store: I never ask for permission, I just do it (in a subtle way). You're right that most places won't allow it, or SA's won't know the store policy and just say no to be safe. Sometimes I've been spotted taking pics and they don't care. I'd say just go for it if it's something you really want to document!

  6. Hi Gisela, thanks for stopping by my blog. Had a look through your archives, and both you gorgeous girls have fabulous style! I say get the flats too, you can never have too many shoes!
    kisses, Jess from

  7. Hey!! What a fab find! The shoes are an eye-catcher but not over the top!
    Have found one of my favorite Margiela dresses yesterday, posted a picture of it (the airbrush tube dress from 08).
    xoxo, s.

  8. Hi Gisela.
    What a fabulous find. CONGRATULATIONS!
    Your Max Mara heels look stunning!
    Had to smile about your "keeping boxes and dust bags"...
    love to keep them, too ;)

  9. you work those combat boots. it was a great buy after you told me the cost, and then it came with the box and the dust bag...which is rare i think in a leomanes at the price. i want to see you work them

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