Friday, June 5, 2009

Maury loves Sexuali-Tanks

Please pardon me for not posting the Costa Rica pics up, but this weekend I will focus and  put them up. I have so many, but most of them are of the beautiful scenery and not many of me since I was really the one with the camera taking pics of everyone else. In the meantine, look at what I wore last night as I was going to my friends bday party in Harlem.

I am wearing an AA Sexuali-Tank in Coral, Jill Stuart Black Leather Jacket, HM Printed Leggings and Target Mesh Leggings worn on top, GO Jane Givenchy Cage Knockoffs, and my Givenchy Melancholia bag. Rings were all purchased in the height, Chain Necklace but worn as Bracelet from Aldo, and Gold Spiked cuff from Strawberrys. I love the Sexuali-Tank tops so much, that I want to get them in every color! I hope they make them in every color of the rainbow.







  1. Maury- You look great!! Love the Givenchy bag :)
    Hope you and Gisela having a wonderful day,

  2. Love your bag and how you accessorize the hell outta this outfit!

  3. Maury you look wonderful darling. Love that sexuali tank on you, the pants and shoes are yummy too!
    Hope you had a fabu time at your friends party honey. Y
    Your hair is gorge
    muah x

  4. You look gorgeous Maury!!!
    i love the pop color! Pink always adds a subtle youthful look to an outfit :)

  5. Sexuali tank? I don't even care if it'd look good on me..I want one cos I like the name...LOL..
    You look awesome, BTW. I love you leather jacket.


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