Sunday, June 7, 2009

What Gisela Wore..

On my way to have dinner with my younger sis on Friday..Maury had a date so I she could not join us, but she dearly missed..

I decided to do something fun since my hair was acting up. I bought these glasses in Japan a couple of years ago. I saw tons of girls wearing them in Shibuya and I figured I'd join in the fun. After I put my outfit together I realized I looked like a school teacher. LOL. I got made fun of but I'm always game!

The look was most definitely inspired by Ashley Olsen, whose style Maury and I most identify with.
The top is Antonio Berardi, which by the way is one of my favorite designers, second to Ricardo Tisci. The leather corset belt with chains I purchased in Toronto at an intriguing fetish store called Northbound Leather, the jeans I got in the Heights for $10, the shoes are suede Louboutin Zeppas.

Above, Ashley looking wicked!

A close-up of this awesome belt. I can't wait to wear it again with a different outfit..


  1. Wow, you more than do the original outfit justice. In fact, I like yours better! That corset belt is just spectacular. It looks like something you could have easily paid thousands for.

  2. that corset belt is hottt!!!

  3. Hi Gisela!
    Your look is so amazing!
    I love the way you do your hair and your glasses complete
    the perfect look!!!
    Happy sunny & relaxing week to you and Maury!

  4. i too was determined to recreate this look but i couldn't find a corset belt that i liked urs is really cool... good job

  5. great inspiration! I love the hair, shirt, corset belt...... a perfect outfit!!!!!!!!

  6. Nice interpretation of the Olsen look. beautiful!

  7. thanks for stopping by my new blog :)
    I always enjoy reading yours

  8. Gisela, that belt is wicked! You look adorable in that knotted hair style. I like..:)

  9. This is awesome, and I do too love Ashley's style...The belt is just to die for!


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