Wednesday, July 1, 2009

90's Supermodel Karen Mulder Arrested

While Maury and I get our lil' shoots together, we wanted to share this sad and very disturbing bit of gossip regarding Karen Mulder, who along with Naomi, Linda, Christy and a couple of others, was part of the group of select beauties that comprised the Supermodels of the 1990's.

SUPERMODEL Karen Mulder was being held at a Parisian police station yesterday - after allegedly making threatening phone calls to a plastic surgeon. She was arrested early yesterday morning in the French capital following complaints by the unnamed female surgeon.

A detective told the Telegraph that the caller was thought to have asked to have a previous operation reversed and was "screaming and shouting about the operation and became extremely threatening. There were repeated calls to the female surgeon who was extremely scared," the officer added. "The suspect is being interviewed."

The troubled supermodel attempted suicide in 2002 after being released from a psychiatric hospital in 2001 - where she was said to be suffering from chronic depression exacerbated by her earlier drug addiction.

The Dutch-born model ruled the international catwalks in the Nineties, as one of the original group of supermodels, alongside Linda EvangelistaChristy Turlington and Naomi Campbell - but has tried to remain out of the limelight since the late Nineties save a few catwalk cameos.

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  1. I adored Karen in her heyday.She was drop dead gorgeous and I even considered her better than Claudia Shiffer.
    Its sad to witness her going off the rails.First accusing her Dad and now going crazy over her dose of botox or whatever.I had hoped her child would have shaken her up to her senses.I wouldn't wish unhappiness on anyone so get well soon girl!

  2. aww, that's so sad :( I hope she'll be okay.

  3. That's soooooo sad!!! It sounds a bit desperate doesn't it?

  4. Poor girl. I guess success and fame doesn't bring contentness.


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